FOLLOWILL: Roster Questions, Roddy Questions

Mavs TV play-by-play voice Mark Followill takes questions from readers on subjects ranging from Dallas inactives to Roddy B to Followill himself! Oh, and on weathermen and foreign oil, too.

1. Will it be Ian, Corey, DeShawn, or Brian who will be left off the Dallas Mavericks postseason roster? - wkf04a

FOLLOWILL: It will change. Rick will do it that way, and the rules now allow that. You don't have to lock into a playoff roster, so it can and will be fluid from match-up to match-up, depending on how a certain player can help, or how he might've performed in a previous similar scenario. And again, you know Rick Carlisle likes that!

2. What would you do for a living if you weren't a play-by-play guy? - Lukor

FOLLOWILL: It might sound boring to some, but I used to have a big interest in being a meteorologist. I also liked geology. So I might've been a weatherman, maybe. But then I struggled with things like calculus, which sidetracked me ... otherwise, maybe I'd be in the oil-and-gas business and sucking more fossil fuels from the earth causing us to be even more dependent on foreign oil.

3. Like Dirk, does Marion have to play an almost flawless game for the Mavs to win in the playoffs, or do they have the surrounding cast to survive an off night from the Matrix? - mileage88

FOLLOWILL: Let's not put the pressure of "flawless'' on anybody. But I see the point and agree with it. Marion gets them easy baskets, fast-break points, points in the paint and does it by shooting over 50 percent. We all know how good he's been lately and sure, continuing this pace of consistently fine play is pivotal. We don't always know who the Mavs' second-best player is going to be. Having Shawn at this level helps answer that challenge.

4. Does the coaching staff believe Barea is legit enough at backup PG to give him more minutes and keep Kidd from tiring too quickly in the playoffs? - adyer

FOLLOWILL: I would say, yes. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. The coaches show their confidence in him by putting him on the floor. It goes beyond what we know about what JJ gives the team that it needs, a penetrator who can get shots off the dribble for himself and others. It's more: He's playing 20 minutes a game, is having his best season ever, and is No. 3 in fourth-quarter minutes on the club. That speaks to what the coaches think of him.

5. While I have been a big fan of Roddy B, I have not seen enough progression (maturity) in his play. Why can he not penetrate the lane like Parker, Nash, even Barea? Do Mavs higher-ups have the same type of concerns? - drbaldy

FOLLOWILL: Heck of a good question. I think we're rediscovered an obvious fact: Roddy B is still very raw, still learning, still a work in progress. Speciifically about the issue of him driving, I think other teams are possibly gameplanning for that better than they did in the past, when he was barely on anybody's radar. He's started one-third of the season now; he's a more known commodity and as teams have adjusted to him, he's got to adjust back up in response.

I think we are seeing in his body language that his confidence isn't where we'd all like it to be. Having said that: Tonight he will play Game 84 of his NBA career. I think the organization recognizes what that means, and I think we all should, too.

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