Game 1: Mavs 89, Blazers 81 Quoteboard

2011 Playoffs, Round 1, Game 1, Quoteboard 1. What'd the Mavs say about Kidd? 'Unbelievable.' What'd the Blazers say about Dirk? 'He came alive.' What'd everybody say about everything in Dallas 89, Portland 81? Quoteboard!


On the Dallas Mavericks from distance -- the Mavs shot 10-19 on threes . . .
"I thought that we needed to get closer to those guys on the 3-point line. We knew that this was a good 3-point shooting team. Kidd, once he makes a 3, he's going to get aggressive and look for that shot even more." -Coach Nate McMillan

"Jason Kidd shot the heck out of it tonight. Stojakovic hit a couple. They all did, they all played well and shot the ball well from behind the three point line." -Marcus Camby

Age, schmage -- on Jason Kidd, his 24 points, his six made threes, and his all-around brilliant play . . .

"Spectacular. We had some guys that didn't play their best games, but Jason Kidd played the game of the year to this point. Every shot he made, every play he made was absolutely essential for us. His leadership is something you can't quantify." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"J-Kidd was big tonight. We were down six and he shot that little step-back, what I thought was a big shot, and then that pull-up from the top of the key to ice it -- a phenominal game by J-Kidd." -Dirk Nowtizki

"Tremendous game. See a guy out there -- what, 37, 38? -- do the things he do, it's unbelievable. To go out there and shoot threes like that, get us in the game; it's big." -DeShawn Stevenson

"We all know that Dirk and Jet are offensive guys and they put the ball up. But, in the playoffs you have to have other guys step up and score and I know that our opponents are going to give me that jump shot and I have to be able to knock it down. Tonight was a good example of that." -Jason Kidd

So, tanned, fit, rested, ready?
"I was ready. The rest definitely helped. Between Coach and our trainers, they all did a great job of resting me but keeping me fresh at the same time and ready for tonight. I felt great and we got a big one under our belt tonight." -Jason Kidd

About surviving an ice-cold stretch in the second half -- Dallas went over ten minutes without a field goal . . .
"It wasn't frustrating at all, it was encouraging actually because we weren't scoring and neither were they. We were locking up pretty good. When they did get a couple of baskets and took the lead, we held our ground and we continued to communicate. And we knew if we got them to a close game anywhere in the game, our guys could do good things." -Jason Terry

"Some of it was some pretty good shots we missed, other situations they defended well. And we had some untimely turnovers that cost us. The issue in the third was that both timeouts came early, and then there was a long period where there were no timeouts. We got very tired, we had a mass substitute, we had some good shots that didn't go down; we were somewhat fortunate to be up at the quarter." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Regarding LaMarcus Aldridge -- defending him, and coping when he makes shots anyway . . .
"I thought we did an excellent job on the post, you know as far as making him take some tough shots. I thought he got a lot of other easy looks and buckets that we need to take away going forward. I thought he had as many as 14 points on alley-oops and miscues that we can stop and prevent. If we can get him just one on one defense, scoring down low, we can take our chances that way." -Tyson Chandler

Better late than never -- Dirk Nowitzki and his 28 and 10 night, 18 of which came in the fourth . . .
"I thought the most important shot of the game was the 3 Dirk hit in the right corner that took us from down two to up one [with 3:40 left in the game]. That really energized our building and energized our team, and from that point we started to really get some stops and consistently. He stayed with it, and when we talk about the importance of persistence on our team, he was a great example of that tonight, because it wasn't going great necessarily the whole game. These games are going to test you that way." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Just really kept on plugging, I mean obviously I didn't have a really good game going -- they were physical and played me pretty well, I turned the ball over some. But for this team I gotta keep going, everyone was telling me, 'Keep attacking and things will start happening your way.' And that's what happened." -Dirk Nowtizki

"He just took over. We've seen it before." -Jason Terry

"Dirk came alive." -Marcus Camby

Possible tactical mistake by the Trailblazers -- how come Marcus Camby didn't play in the fourth?
"Our small lineup was working, we had a lead, and that lineup had been working for us. In the first half when we went with a bigger lineup they started to double-team. I thought it was a little bit more clogged and congested. And that team had made a run. That group that was in there -- Brandon, we went back with Andrew to get a point guard in there, Nicolas, Gerald, and LaMarcus -- had made a run to get us back into the game." -Coach Nate McMillan

On the fourth quarter -- Dallas had to rally back after falling behind by six . . .
"This game tonight is typical of how they're going to be -- down 6 with however much time left, we had to go on a significant run to win the game, which was significant for us and great. But it's two good teams that are experienced, and the games are going to be very competitive." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I know in the past from what I've seen, these are the kind of tough games that we have struggled to win. But tonight, to come out in the playoffs, sometime you have to win on nights when you aren't making every shot and you have to grind it out. For us to come of with a big stop there and we were down six and we go on to make that run, that is huge for our confidence right now." -Tyson Chandler

"We had a good six point lead a couple of minutes left in the ball game, and we weren't able to get the stops or get to the free throw line on the other send to score. Dirk came alive coming down the stretch and hit some big shots and some key free throws." -Marcus Camby

"It's rough. Whenever you have control of the game going down the stretch and you got to get it out of your head. We just had to stay solid down the stretch and we didn't. They made big shots or big free throws down the stretch and they ended up winning the game." -LaMarcus Aldridge

There's something you don't hear every day -- Dallas marching to the free-throw line . . .

"The free throws; I just don't get that. It's hard for our guys to know how to play out there when it's called a little different; 19 to 2 in the fourth quarter. And I felt like we were attacking, and guys really didn't know how to play with the fouls that were being called. A lot of touch fouls; I thought that took the momentum and pretty much gave them control of the game in the fourth quarter" -Coach Nate McMillan

"I don't think the officials were a favorite to either team. Both teams are going to complain about fouls during a game. That's what we do." -Jason Kidd

About DeShawn Stevenson, who started at shooting guard and chipped in five . . .
"I'm just out there playing, and my role is to play defense until Jet gets in there and knock down open shots. That's my role and that's what I'm going to do." -DeShawn Stevenson

Regarding the game generally, and the series so far . . .
"We expect it to be a tough series. Neither team is going to lay down and these are the wins that you gut out and are proud of after you get them." -Tyson Chandler

"There's not panic. We know we let one get away but we can't let this one linger for the next two days we're down here. I wish we could get right back at it tomorrow and play again but we'll watch tape tomorrow, regroup and get our composure back and try to put on a better performance come Tuesday night." -Marcus Camby

And lest we forget what we're all here for . . .
"Obviously a big win, but this game means nothing if we don't win Game 2." -Dirk Nowitzki

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