Sneak Peek: Dirk. Raw. Up The Down Staircase

'Sneaking out the backdoor to avoid the media, eh?' I said to Dirk as I descended the same AAC staircase he was vaulting up, three steps at a time. 'Nah, just chasing a loose ball,' The UberMan joked before eventually returning to the floor for this Video Visit. It's Dirk Raw - just a sample of what Premium Mavs fans get today!

Lots to say by The UberMan today as he returned to the court in a fresh t-shirt ("STILL FLY,'' apparently from his 1987 Team Jordan collection) ... one highlight:

"I don't really care about pressure,'' Dirk said in a way I might call "politely dismissive.'' "We've just got to come out ready to play."

Here's your Raw Dirk:

Lots of other goodies coming, too, including:

*What's the good word from TY, who it was announced today finished third in the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year voting?

*Jason Kidd's unusual post-practice wardrobe.

*Video Visits with Carlisle, Jet, Tyson Chandler, Shawn Marion and more …

*Officiating thoughts ... including the news that bitching Blazers coach Nate McMillan just got fined $35,000 for ... bitching about the officiating.

*The unorthodox re-appearance of Rick Carlisle to confab with PR director Sarah Melton, then to huddle with special assistant Tim Grugrich, then to watch …

*Roddy B, who stayed after practice for almost a full hour. How was his day? What did he do? We will tell you hear that Roddy B did practice, and did not look to be hobbled at all by last week's foot sprain. More to come on that ...

*Yes, we have EXCLUSIVE video of some of Roddy Beaubois' workout.

*And overall, what was the tone? Odd is some ways … the Carlisle/Roddy B thing is something we don't see every day. But the intensity was there, too. For obvious reasons.

"That's always a challenge," Rick said of guarding against a letdown when up 1-0. "The team that wins the first game, there's always a human nature tendency to let up. We've been working on not letting that happen."


It happened last year, of course, with the Dallas Mavericks up 1-0 over the No. 7 seeded Spurs. One wouldn't think these Mavs would need too much instruction to be reminded of that.
Nah, when it comes to overdoing things, that's OUR job. We'll overdo Your All-Access Pass to Practice coming up this afternoon …

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