All-Access Practice: Exclusive Mavs Video

Up the down staircase with Dirk. Exclusive video of Roddy B at practice.'Trix love. Oh, and what happened to draw Rick Carlisle back out of his office and back out to the court? It's Your All-Acsess Pass to Monday's Mavs practice!

Raw Dirk: Lots to say by The UberMan today as he returned to the court in a fresh t-shirt ("STILL FLY,'' apparently from his 1987 Team Jordan collection) ... one highlight:

"I don't really care about pressure,'' Dirk said in a way I might call "politely dismissive.'' "We've just got to come out ready to play."

Here's your Raw Dirk:

Congrats to TY: Yes, the Mavs can play defense. Otherwise, how would Tyson Chandler finished third in the NBA Defensive Player of the Year voting?

Dwight Howard is No. 1. KG is No. 2. TY is No. 3 in the voting but No. 1 in our hearts-and-minds hearts.

Howard won in a landslide with 114 first-place votes. Garnett received one first-place vote. TY got 20 second-place votes and by finishing third, is the highest-ranking Mav ever.

Patriots > Raiders:Jason Kidd didn't meet the media (permission granted as long as you score in double-figures again!) but afterwards, we spotted him upstairs while wearing a red New England Patriots t-shirt.

Don't fret, J-Kidd. We won't tell your buddies back home in Oakland that you've betrayed your Raiders.

Carlisle meets the media: Good clean American video fun with Rick ...

And then away he goes, to go grind at his job.

But then ...

Rick and Roddy B: Roddy Beaubois just set the record for post-practice practice. He remained on the floor, surrounded by a bevy of assistants for almost an extra hour.

Here's the footage of Roddy B's work that you can only get on ...

But then an usual sight: Coach Rick Carlisle left his office and returned to the practice floor, first huddling with PR boss Sarah Melton, then consulting with special assistant Tim Grugrich (overseer of the Roddy B workout) and then joining the cluster of assistants supervising the Rodrigue Beaubois workout.

Clear to us:

*The sprained left foot is fine. Or fine enough to have participated in the practice and then put another 60 minutes of work on it.

*Carlisle likely advised the PR staff to not let Roddy B do media. Maybe they don't want the kid saying the wrong thing. Maybe it's because he's not yet a factor so a mob interview is viewed as inappropriate. Or maybe he's got a chance, however slight, of being allowed to be a factor in this series and Rick wants him focusing on that alone.

It's certainly possible that Rick's unusual on-court visit with Sarah wasn't Roddy B/media related (discussing candlesticks as a nice gift, perhaps). But Beaubois looked ready to go. If he's not a factor in Game 2, it'll be more Rick-related than it is foot-related.

'Trix Loves This Game! He's a character, our 'Trix:

Officiating thoughts: So that bitching Blazers coach Nate McMillan just got fined $35,000 for ... bitching about the officiating.

And here's the question: Conventional wisdom has it that if you bitch about foul-call discrepancy in Game 1, that you catch some breaks in Game 2. But does that still hold when the NBA itself views your bitching as $35,000 worth of "wrong''?

Jet's presser: Jason Terry was over-available to the media, restating over and over again the Mavs' singular goal: Win Game 2.

Now the Mavs need Jet to be as uncooperative with the Blazers as he is cooperative to us slobs.


The Final Word: Overall, what was the tone? Odd is some ways … the Carlisle/Roddy B thing is something we don't see every day. But the intensity was there, too.

For obvious reasons.

"That's always a challenge," Rick said of guarding against a letdown when up 1-0. "The team that wins the first game, there's always a human nature tendency to let up. We've been working on not letting that happen."

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