DB.com Podcast: Mavs, Blazers, Elton John

We discuss Mavs, Blazers, stupid predictions and Elton John songs. A good time is had by all. The award-winning DB.com Mavs Podcast is fresh!

The DB.com Dallas Mavericks Podcast ... broadcast semi-live from high atop DB.com Tower in downtown Dallas ... We analyze Mavs, Blazers and Elton John.
The participants:


* From DB.com and FOX Sports Mike Fisher


*From FOX Sports, Mike Pielucci.


*From The Ticket, The Machine, Mike Marshall.


*And from DB.com, Kevin Brolan.

With the legendary Ron Pell producing, you play around with everybody's Twitters while you listen to their Mavvy schtick. ...

DB PODCAST 4-20 by dbmavs

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