A Street-Fightin' Mavs-Blazers G3 Quoteboard

'They wanted it more,' said Dirk of Portland's 97-72 win in Game 3. "It's gonna be a street fight, and let's see who wants it more on Saturday." For now here's your Quoteboard.

The big story going in was Brandon Roy's remarks after Game 2, how hurt he felt that the Trailblazers didn't rely on him more. One finds no evidence of bruised feelings or bruised anything with how he played here -- 6-10 from the floor for 16 points. Add an early barrage of threes from Wesley Matthews and a bunch of things that kept going wrong for the Dallas Mavericks -- an early DQ for Tyson, sixteen turnovers leading to sixteen 'Blazer points, a peculiar inability to make free throws, and yes, some calls you don't like -- and there's your ballgame. Final 97-92, and Dallas leads the series 2-1.


First, some quick unrelated news -- did you hear Mavs assitant coach Dwane Casey's up for Houston's head coaching job?
"I'm shocked that we still have him here. He's that good." -Coach Rick Carlisle

The game in summary . . .

"We got off to a very poor start. Their aggressiveness put us on our heels. We recovered well from it, and eventually got a lead. Then it was a series of things that didn't go well for us. Their level of aggression was the biggest thing that influenced the game." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We kept weathering the storm, I think we kept hanging in there and gave ourselves a chance to hang around and at the end be in position to strike, but just weren't sharp enough. I like the fight in us, we just didn't make enough plays down the stretch to win." -Dirk Nowitzki

"They came out aggressive tonight. We were kinda on our heels for the first few minutes of the game, but then we got our mojo and we turned it on. And then it seemed like we got the energy, like we got the momentum . . . we just couldn't get over the hump right at the last minute." -Shawn Marion

Another throwback performance from Brandon Roy . . .
"There is nobody in the state, not even Brandon Roy, who wants to see him out on that floor as much as I do. He has meant a lot to this organization. I have not forgotten about him, nor do I disrespect him. We're bringing (him) along the second half of the season and into the playoffs, trying to create this role for him. it's worked at times, and tonight was one of those examples." -Coach Nate McMillan

"I wasn't nervous. The fans were really supportive. They were cheering for me before I went in the game. That's really big for me. We've been through a lot together and to know that they still have my back was great for me tonight. . . . I was in go mode. I didn't worry about nothing else. I didn't worry about playing time, I didn't worry about who was playing. When it was my time I was going." -Brandon Roy

"We continue to gameplan for Roy as an All-Star player because he's capable of doing that on any night. He's done it to us, so I'm not surprised." -Coach Rick Carlisle

About the lack of balance in Dallas's production -- nobody not named Nowitzki or Terry managed more than nine points . . .
"We'd like to get more guys involved and able to score a few more points. "But if you're not getting a balanced game, you've got to have a couple of guys go for big numbers. There's no set formula for us." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We wasted good performances by Dirk and Jet. Those guys had it going tonight. The other guys, we all had good looks. They just didn't go in for us. We've got to look at that on tape and in Game 4 be ready to knock down those shots to help those guys out." -Jason Kidd

"It's going to be tough to win if we have two guys in double figures." -Dirk Nowitzki

Oh dear -- Jason Kidd, after shooting 9-16 from distance in the first two games, shot just 1-6 . . .
"I was open. Again, I had the same great looks. If I have those in Game 4, I feel I can knock them down." -Jason Kidd

Regarding Tyson Chandler's truncated night -- only 15 minutes of playing time before fouling out early in the fourth quarter . . .
"There are some things I think we can correct there. He got a couple of fouls screening. Those are timing issues, and I think we can clean those up."

"He's got to be a little smarter. Some tough calls there, obviously, but on the road that's what happens. One time he set the pick where we've got to wait a little bit. We've just got to overall be a little smarter." -Dirk Nowitzki

"I'm not going to go there. I think everyone who watched the game can make their own assessment of it. Obviously, I was frustrated because I was on the sideline because of it. To be honest, a lot of my fouls, I don't even know if I got one on-the-ball foul as far as making a defensive effort. I might have gotten one and the other five . . . I don't know how to avoid them." -Tyson Chandler

There's a reason we love Jason Terry -- when asked about his 29 point, 7 assist night . . .
"Who cares? Our only mindset was on the win.'' -Jason Terry

On playing in front of a packed and very boisterous crowd . . .

"We had a sense of urgency. That came from everybody. It started when we took the court. The crowd was amazing. It was everything they said it would be. It was a must-win for us, and we took care of it." -Wesley Matthews

"If you're a player for the Trailblazers, the fan base and the energy you get from the building is one of the byproducts of this being a great place to play. Look, it's going to be loud in a lot of arenas, and we're going to have to deal with it." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"You gotta expect them to be emotional at home, first playoff game in the seres for them and we withstood their first punch. It was a heck of a run. I mean, that first quarter it seemed they could do no wrong. Their energy was up, we turned the ball over and they were hitting threes." -Jason Terry

Too boisterous, maybe?
"Somebody hit me in the face. Somebody threw something and it hit me." -Mark Cuban

Looking forward to Game Four . . .

"We feel like we took their best blow and we were right there, so we get another opportunity Saturday. Obviously, we don't want to go home with a tie series, so gotta come out and really go for it on Saturday, leave it all out there like we did today . . . They wanted it more. … it's gonna be a street fight, and let's see who wants it more on Saturday."

"We gotta go get the next game. They won Game 3, we gotta go win Game 4." -Tyson Chandler

"We know what we gotta do." -Shawn Marion

T-shirt Quote Of The Night . . .
"Tough times don't last. Tough people do." -Brandon Roy

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