A Winning Quoteboard For Mavs In Game 5

Been a long couple of days. Salving wounds, bandaging pride, studying tape, whatever's necessary. And it worked, as the Mavs claw out a 93-82 win and go back up 3-2. Come spy with us -- Quoteboard!

Clever and effective adjustments were the name of the game; attacking the basket and drawing fouls, avoiding long shots when it was clear they just weren't dropping. And anyone who wrung their hands over the Dallas Mavericks' acquisition of Tyson Chandler last summer should forward the man apology letters -- his 13 offensive rebounds are a new Maverick postseason record, part of a massive 14-20 double-double. Final 93-82, and the good guys retake control of the series. (Oh, and San Antonio is down 1-3 to Memphis. Just saying.)


Sigh, the aftermath of the Blowout That Blew Up . . .
"I think nobody slept well after that loss. It was tough. A long flight coming home from Portland and it was one of those bitter losses and I think everybody was in shock. But to come back and have a night like this really is huge for us to kind of pull together, and this is the type of basketball that we've got to play." -Tyson Chandler

"The only residuals there was a motivating factor. Hey, we're not letting that happen again. Keeping that in the back of your mind was good. It was a positive thing. I thought we fed off it. When we got the lead tonight, we closed them out." -Jason Terry

"We had to sit there all day on Easter and think about it while we were egg hunting." -Jason Kidd

Oh my gosh, Tyson Chandler . . .
"Tyson had great activity at both ends. His offensive rebounding was phenomenal -- 13 -- and contributed a lot to our second-chance points. Every time he tips one out and we get it back and the crowd gets into it, it makes a huge difference. He's been giving us great energy, but he hadn't been able to get his scoring going. Tonight he was able to do that." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"He's got to be active for us, and he knows that. Hyping the crowd, being vocal in the huddle. That's what he's been doing for us all year long. If he keeps playing like that, with energy, we'll be okay." -Dirk Nowitzki

"He had it going for them. I think he had like 14 offensive rebounds or something unheard of. He had a good game going today." -Marcus Camby

"If he's out there, that's what he's got to do in order for them to win. He brought some toughness for that team tonight inside and everybody fed off his energy." -Andre Miller

"Really just wanted to get myself involved in the series. I told Coach today that I've been on the weak side the entire series, I haven't been able to really get involved. So, I figured that was one of the ways that I could get involved, getting in transition, getting in the pick-and-roll, rolling and if I didn't get it I'd be in position to get some boards . . . I was just trying to be aggressive. Tonight was a big game for us and we didn't want to go back to their place down in the series." -Tyson Chandler

On rebounding generally -- Dallas outrebounded Portland tonight 49-37, including 20-9 offensively . . .
"They hit the boards hard and got a lot of second chance, third chance and fourth chance. Then they got to the free throw line, points off turnovers, and just played a good overall game and kind of handed it to us on both ends of the court . . . We were playing decent defense, but any time you give a shooting team like that second and third opportunities and you turn the ball over and foul, it's tough to get into a rhythm." -Andre Miller

"Big keys; they basically just dominated the boards. Tyson was on the boards and Haywood was on the boards. Tyson with 13 offensive boards and really those boards lead to fouls and also allowing them to get into the penalty early . . . So, they got to their tempo tonight defensively when we missed. Tyson and Haywood were huge on the boards." -Coach Nate McMillan

Signature Jason Kidd -- 14 assists and 4 points . . .
"Kidd played a great all-around game. His shot-making wasn't what it's been in other games, but his leadership, his presence gives other guys confidence. That's really important to us." -Coach Rick Carlisle

About playing hard on offense . . .
"From start to finish tonight we played aggressive. We did the same thing in Portland but only for three quarters. Tonight we did it for four quarters and that's why we got the win." -Tyson Chandler

"If we look at the stats at the end of the game tonight the thing that tells you what kind of a game it was is about physical play. The team that's more physical in each one of these games has won the battle at the free throw line, has outrebounded the other team, has gotten more steals and has forced the team into more turnovers so tonight we won that game and we've got to continue to do that because this series is far from over." -Jason Terry

"We talked about it heading into the fourth -- we had a little lead and we talked about not letting up and keep attacking, and I thought we did a pretty decent job." -Dirk Nowitzki

Throwing a changeup; the zone defense . . .
"It was something we talked about. And we wanted to see how it looked tonight and I thought it slowed them down and got them against the shot clock. In the past two games, that's what happened to us, we were fighting the shot clock. So they had to take some tough shots and they're going to look at the zone and see what they can do to exploit it and it's a chess match now." -Jason Kidd

Game Six in Portland . . .
"We have to play the same way we did tonight at home and be aggressive and we've got to get them on their heals early and take the crowd out of the game and we have to finish the game." -Tyson Chandler

"Obviously you want to close out when you have a chance. They got us twice up there. We've been a good road team all season long. We were a great road team last year. So we just gotta find a way, hopefully, to stay in the game up there and not give up a big lead and always stay within striking distance, and hopefully steal one at the end." -Dirk Nowitzki

"We took care of business on both ends of the floor. Now time to go back to Portland." -Shawn Marion


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