All-Access Practice Pass: Mavs Inside Video does a 1-on-1 Video Visit with Marion to find out what's in his 'back pocket.' ... Guess who practiced Wednesday? ... The first team, second team and The Redshirts. ... Video of Roddy B's work ... Rick Carlisle's full presser ... Jason Kidd plans a four-hour nap. ... It's Your All-Access Pass to Practice!

Before we get started ...: C'mon in to practice. Have a look around. Wait for Darrell Armstrong to ring the "Hear Ye, Hear Ye'' bell ...

OK. Now let's get started.

1-on-1 With 'Trix on the zone: Use it more? Use it less? Used too rarely? I go one-on-one with the Dallas Mavericks' Shawn Marion for some quick answers:

Dear Premium Members: I may need to include the two Video Visits above to let the stragglers know what they're missing ... especially the part about Shawn Marion finding the sense of humor to be "funny and hilarious.'' ... but you get it first!

Carlisle Concerns: Mavs coach Rick Carlisle isn't especially worried about the potential Round 2 foe or what's happening in the Lakers-Hornets series. (There are, of course, scouts for that.)

"We have our own business to take care of," Rick said.

So what are Rick's concerns as Thursday's Game 6 approaches? Listen for yourself ...

Kidd's long nap: While Marion was bemoaning the travel issues involved in jetting to Portland, Jason Kidd stated another view ... and other plans ...

""It gives you four hours of sleep,'' said Kidd, speaking like the father of a newborn baby that he is.

Roddy B's day: Roddy Beaubois stature (or, at least, his confidence) has now declined to the point where the media doesn't make much of an issue of his supposed injury status.

That's not the way rolls, though ... So we DID ask. Two assistants informed us that Beaubois participated fully in practice, and then we filmed Roddy B doing some very active post-practice work.

Conclusion? Roddy B's foot is fine. It's his confidence -- and his team's confidence in him -- that's a bit shaken.


Mavsellaneous: We're always interested in the way the players break down into free-throw and shooting groups. We think it means ... well, something. Among the pairings: Jet and DeShawn, Dirk and Roddy B, Peja and Shawn, Ian and The Custodian ... Speaking to the confidence that the Mavs have in themselves as closers: Kidd said one team goal is to be close in the final six minutes of a game -- at which point KIDDIRK feels like its execution makes it superior to most ... The first team wore white. The second team wore blue. And then in a fashion statement the media doesn't often see, the third-teamers wore red. Sorry, DoJo, Corey, Brian, Ian and Roddy, but y'all are Blazer tackling dummies today. ... Tyson Chandler wore a rubber sleeve on his left elbow but apparently nothing to be concerned about. ... Late in the day, Kidd and Carlisle conferred for a lengthy BBIQ session in the corner of the gym. ...

The Final Word: "They're all must-wins.'' -- Jason Kidd.

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