Mavs: Tyson Dreams, Kidd Shoots, 20,000 Beers

Come down Lakers-Mavs Memory Lane with Brad Davis ... see exclusive video of J-Kidd's shooting work ... Visits with Carlisle, Chandler, Haywood and Kidd ... It's a 20,000-beers All-Access Pass to Mavs Sunday practice!

Driving Down Memory Lane: It's been over 20 years since the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers last encountered each other in the playoffs, but there is still quite an influence from that Mavs team in many facets of the franchise. Rolando Blackman lends his expertise to Fox Sports Southwest, Derek Harper provides commentary for the home television broadcasts, and Brad Davis is all over the place on television, radio, and coaching.

"At some point they were going to have to go through LA," Davis said.

Just like 1988 right, coach?

"We had them in the (Conference) Finals," Davis laughed. "This is like '84 and '86."

Listen in and brush up on some Mavs history while you're at it.

When coach Davis mentioned how the series felt like it was only a few years ago, we thought better of letting him know that some staffers were age 1 (Brolan!) when that Game 7 went down.

Belief: When playing the big bad Lakers in the playoffs, the media is quick to build the Lakers up as something they may not necessarily be. That can be intimidating to certain teams, but coach Rick Carlisle isn't buying that theory with his Mavericks.

"We're ready," Carlisle said. "We're ready."

When pressed, Carlisle stressed the confidence that the team has in themselves and their abilities.

"I don't think that's a subject relative to us," Carlisle said. "We've been believing all year."

No Place Like Home?: Even though's older staffers (Fish!) have Diddy's new album and single on repeat all day in his Bentley, don't expect Tyson Chandler to be big on the current hit "Coming Home." Don't get us wrong, he is excited to play near his home so his family can watch him, but he has a sole focus on his mind.

"In high school I grew up with the Shaq and Kobe era," Tyson said. "When you grow up in LA, you either wanna be a Laker, or when you're on another team you wanna kill the Lakers."

And your preference, sir?

"I'm on another team," Tyson said. "So you know what I wanna do."

Size Matters: Big men will be at more of a premium this series as opposed to a match up against Portland and Brendan Haywood will share a lot of that spotlight. He seems to welcome that challenge with open arms.

"My mindset is Game 1," Haywood said. "You can't get 2 if you don't get 1."

Hey, you can't argue with that logic. In all seriousness though, Big Wood seems ready to take the bull (or Andrew Bynum) by the horns. Here are his thoughts on the series and the Mavs depth at center.

The Kidd's Table: Much was made about the work Jason Kidd put in with his shot during his week off at the end of the regular season. Whether big changes were made or not, he is definitely shooting with more confidence. Allow us to show you what we mean.

Afterwards, Jason shared some thoughts including his last playoff meeting with the Lakers, which was in the 2002 Finals when they were swept by Kobe and co.

"Yea," Kidd said. "That was a quick Finals."

Hopefully this series doesn't fly by as fast with a similar outcome.

Final Thought: Brad Davis when asked about what he remembered from the epic seven-game Mavs-Lakers series in 1988: "I don't remember anything," Davis said. "That was 20,000 beers ago!"

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