G1 Quoteboard: 'Sick' Of 'Soft' - Chandler

Mavs over LA in Game 1, which brings the 'beast mode' out of everyone, including Tyson Chandler, who says of 'soft' accusations, 'I'm honestly sick of hearing it.' So, they did something about it. Again. And now they discuss it in McKinneyDentist.com Quoteboard!

It's in the books, everyone. The Mavs, favored by few, made franchise history tonight by stealing Game 1 against the LA Lakers, 96-94. One down, three to go. Let's go get The Word. Quoteboard!

The Dallas Mavericks haven't been doing well against the Los Angeles Lakers. The last time these clubs met, LA clubbed Dallas right out of the building. In G1, Dallas fell behind by 16 in the third, but then Corey Brewer arrived with an adrenaline shot and Dallas rallied. Late in the fourth it was eyeball-to-eyeball, and because Tyson was there to clog the middle and oop an alley and Kidd was putting lie to Kobe's late-game greatness and Dirk played like a superhero . . . the Lakers blinked first. Final 96-94.


Regarding the Halftime Ooopsie -- Terry's foul on Lamar Odom's halfcourt heave and Nowitzki's T on Ron Artest (the Lakers made all four free throws) . . .
"The last 10 seconds of the first half are things that may never happen to this team again, ever. And so, we need to forget about that. We said one of the keys to the series was be persistent and play out possessions . . . Hey, it should've been a five-point game and it wasn't, but there's a lot of game left so you've got to keep playing." -Coach Rick Carlisle

On getting the win in spite of falling behind . . .
"I think it says a lot about us and our character of this team. This is not the same old Mavs where you'd beat them up and we'd give up, and you get aggressive and they back down. This is a different team, different squad, different players, different looks, and hopefully we'll get a different outcome." -Tyson Chandler

"We just kept hounding them and hounding them and hounding them and staying aggressive. Once you knew it we were right back in the game. We were able to keep our composure and stay after it and get a win. It says a lot." -Shawn Marion

"We felt like we had a bad start to the third quarter, we turned the ball over three or four times in a row, Kobe got hot in the third and we weren't looking good. You just have to stick with it, try to get some stops, and not to turn the ball over. Just get a shot up every time and give ourselves at least a chance to make it." -Dirk Nowitzki

"Character was a big factor in tonight's game. We lost our composure today at the end of the second quarter, and then came out and lost the ball three straight times and found ourselves down. But everybody's role is to keep playing and try and cut into the lead and see what happens." -Jason Kidd

That's Brewer – Corey Brewer . . .
"I saw him in the tunnel at halftime. I told him to be ready. He came in, provided a spark and everybody has got to be ready in this series." -Jason Terry

"We needed energy. We needed enthusiasm. Ever since we got Brewer, he's come into practice every day with a phenomenal attitude. He has worked to get better and has gotten better. He had opportunities to go to other teams for more money and as good a winning situation as ours was. You're talking about a kid who won two national championships in a row, so he knows about big games. We got in a dire situation and he went in there and made some good things happen for us." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I just hoped I'd have a chance to get in. [Coach Carlisle] put me in the game and said, 'Let's go.' I just tried to bring some energy and get our team going." -Corey Brewer

"I thought Brewer came in, really changed the game for us." -Dirk Nowitzki

About the pace and flow of the game . . .
"The best thing is we would get stops and run and space the floor and play out of our flow game. We have veteran guys that understand the game, we try to play with as few plays as possible, and it facilitates better when you're getting stops. If you allow them to set their defense, they're murder to play against." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"And all of a sudden they're back in the game. It took a lot of energy out of us and out a lot of energy in them to be able to come back and do that. So that shows a lot of heart on their part to be able to do that. They changed the tempo of the game, they had run-outs, got some turnovers and made us pay for it." -Coach Phil Jackson

That's playoff basketball . . .
"We've got to get out there and be aggressive and bring energy for our team. I think it's all about how hard you get out there and play, and when the other team gets aggressive, back down or you stand up and be more aggressive.'' -Tyson Chandler

"We spend a lot of time game-planning for these guys defensively. We know they present challenges and we're going to have to do this as a team. There's not one guy that's going to put the team on his back offensively and defensively and get it done for us. It's a challenging series." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We've been in games like this, where things are just kinda groovin' and it's really easy and all of a sudden you're in a dogfight." -Kobe Bryant

About Kidd's defense of Kobe Bryant as the game wound down . . .
"He's one of the few guys that can put together some individual defensive possessions like that. We try to keep him out of those situations as much as possible because they take a lot of energy. We try to get other guys guarding Bryant through the other parts of the game. Down the stretch, he's as knowledgeable and as experienced as anybody who has ever played." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I'm a competitor. Maybe it's being old, too, being hard-headed and naïve and thinking I can slow him down." -Jason Kidd

Last chance -- Kobe for three . . .
"When he shot it, I didn't look. I was going to listen to the crowd." -Jason Kidd

"(stunned silence)" -the Staples Center

"I wouldn't say I'm surprised (that Bryant missed) but it's just one of those things where you hold your breath. You kind of grow to expect him to make those shots, and when he had another chance at it I was like, ‘Come on, we've got to play great defense, because I grew up in LA and I've seen this too many times.'" -Tyson Chandler

Looking ahead -- Game Two on Wednesday . . .
"Obviously it gives us confidence, and I'm anxious to see the film. When you're in a new series and the first time we're facing these guys in a series, you want to get back and watch what you did on film to really see what it was like. But I'm pretty sure we didn't play our best game, and I'm looking forward to the next one." -Jason Terry

We're tired of hearing it too, man . . .
"I'm like honestly sick of hearing it. Every since I've been here it's just 'the Mavs been soft, the Mavs been soft, what are you going to bring, what's going to be different?' To me, when you play basketball, nobody's fighting out there. So I don't understand how you can necessarily punk somebody. But I think what everybody's talking about is when guys get physical and set hard screens and get into you, they normally back down. But now, no, it's different." -Tyson Chandler

In short . . .
"Definitely a great win for us. But if you look at that last series they lost Game One and then came right back and won the next two and had the series in control." -Dirk Nowitzki

"You've got to make plays, and you've got to dodge some bullets. We did both." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I'm highly concerned. This team can beat us." -Kobe Bryant


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