Picks to Click, Mavs-LA: Who's With Barkley?

TNT's Charles Barkley has been 'yeehawin' his Mavs hat in the air all season. Now it's the rest of the 'experts' turns. Assorted picks from the DB.com and the media-at-large as we try to predict Mavs-vs.-Lakers in Round 2:

Round 2. The Dallas Mavericks at the Los Angeles Lakers. Who ya got?

Charles Barkley, TNT: The Dallas Mavericks are the best team in Texas and they're going to upset the Los Angeles Lakers. I think they have more mismatches than the Lakers. Mavericks in 6

Kenny Smith, TNT: I think the Los Angeles Lakers are going to win just because of rebounding. I would have said Dallas until I saw (The Lakers') Game 6 (against the Hornets on Friday).

Chuck Cooperstein, Coop and Nate: With the 800-pound gorilla off their backs, the Mavericks have nothing to lose and will play like it. Ultimately, home court and too much Laker size will make the slightest of difference. Lakers in 7

Luke Kammrath, DallasBasketball.com: Without Roddy developing into a legit penetrating force for the postseason the Mavs will not advance past the second round. The Lakers showed that they could be exposed by great guard play (it took herculean efforts by Paul to get the two wins) even when the Hornets weren't at full strength. But without Roddy the Mavs do not have the difference that can put them over the top of the Lakers in a seven game series (those three differences I believe are 1) Shawn Marion, 2) Chandler/Haywood, and 3) Roddy). Two out of three isn't going to be enough. Lakers in 6

Michael Dugat, DallasBasketball.com/Fox Sports Southwest: My heart-led prediction is Mavs in 6. My brain, well, let's just say it doesn't necessarily agree with that, but I'm sticking with it. Mavericks in 6

Kevin Brolan, DallasBasketball.com: It will take multiple wins on the road, but I think the Tyson Chandler influence and road warrior mentality makes the difference. Plus, Dirk will be Dirk. Mavericks in 7

Coach Fain, DallasBasketball.com: I'll take Mavs in seven, but it's 50.1 to 49.9. If the Mavs win the series Peja will play a big part in it. Mavericks in 7

BJ Stahl, DallasBasketball.com: I'm crossing my fingers behind my back, because there's an awful lot that has to go just right – Mavericks in 7

David Lord, DallasBasketball.com: Mavs in 7. If I have to bet my life on a winner, LA appears to have more talent and a better pedigree and is the safe pick. But the playoffs are not played on paper, and the results commonly come down to which team has the mindset to persevere. While the Mavs still have the classic scorers (led by by Dirk, Jet, and Peja), the addition of veterans like Chandler, Marion and Kidd - gradually transforming this team into a fighter - is what offers the most potential. Give me Dallas to ignore the inevitable down moments and survive in a real dogfight of a series that culminates in a classic game 7 win under the LA spotlight. Mavericks in 7

Randy Galloway, Galloway & Company: The Lakers are too big and too good. Mavs will get Black Mamba'd. Lakers in 5

Ben Rogers, Ben and Skin: A skeptical hater in the first round, I've since jerked the wheel the other way entirely after attending Believer School in Portland. I hear three-peating can sometimes be difficult. I also hear Kobe's tender ankles are vulnerable in low tops. And I hear you, Sir Charles. Fat boys unite. Mavericks in 6

Jeff "Skin" Wade, Ben and Skin: Despite Kobe going for 38 on two bad ankles and three hyperextended hinge joints, Dirk forces OT in Game 7 on a driving layup and one as Artest hammers The Big German while screaming "This is for Manu!" Dallas pulls out epic win in OT. Phil retires with 1:30 left on the clock. There is much rejoicing. Mavericks in 7

Zach Harper, Daily Dime Live: Lakers win it in 6 with lots of complaining about the officiating ruining a should-be-great series. Lakers in 6

Chris Palmer, ESPN The Magazine: The Lakers will take the series in seven games with a motivated Bryant and a spirited effort from Andrew Bynum, who turns in career-best numbers by dominating the Mavericks' weaker front line. Or if Gasol gets it in gear and returns to his regular-season brilliance, it could be over in six. Lakers in 7

Henry Abbot, TrueHoop: Lakers in 5

J.A. Adande, ESPN: Lakers in 6

Kevin Arnovitz, TrueHoop: Lakers in 7

Chris Broussard, ESPN: Lakers in 6

Chad Ford, ESPN: Lakers in 7

John Hollinger, ESPN: Lakers in 5

Tim Legler, ESPN: Lakers in 6

Jalen Rose, ESPN: Lakers in 6

Chris Sheridan, ESPN: Lakers in 7

Mark Stein, ESPN: Lakers in 7

Michael Wilbon, ESPN: Lakers in 5

Mike Fisher, DallasBasketball.com and FS Southwest: The Mavs said all year that they were as good as the Spurs. They've never quite said, or established, that they are as good as the Lakers. If I'm wrong? Brad Davis and I are buying 20,000 more beers! Lakers in 6

Thanks to ESPN, DB.com and FOX for the picks, and thanks to the message-making geniuses at Make It Graphic for the artwork! Dallas Mavericks products in The DB.com Store! The ‘REUNION ROWDIES!' shirt is hot!

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