Player Of Game 1? He Gets A 'Dirkie'!

Admit it. You thought it was over. But the good guys rallied, the Lakers turned it over at an apocalyptically bad time, and Kobe proved how clutch he's not by missing the tying bucket. For the first time in franchise history, Dallas Mavericks has won a playoff game in LA. Round 2 Playoff Dirkie is all fresh and shiny and postmarked 'LA.' Who gets the package?

Player of the Game, Round 2 Game 1, Dallas Mavericks survive Lakers, 96-94 and YOU vote HERE for The Dirkie! ... some candidates ...

Dirk Nowitzki -- 28 and 14, and that's *our* UberMan

Jason Kidd -- 11 assists, clutch time D on Kobe

Corey Brewer -- 6'9" adrenaline shot

Tyson Chandler -- 11 points, 9 rebounds, 3 blocks

Peja Stojakovic -- 4-8 from the field for 10 points

Jose Juan Barea -- backup with 8 points and 5 dimes

Jason Terry -- 15 points, but some . . . stnanks

Shawn Marion -- stat-sheet peppering plus defense

Brendan Haywood -- monster dunk and a block

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