G2: Mavs Over LA, And Who Gets 'The Dirkie'?

It's not just that Dirk is better than Pau. Most of us already knew that. It's not even that Dirk is on a level with Kobe. Most of us at least considered that. Right now it's that every Mav is at least as good as every Laker ... but we need to pick one. Who is the 'Dirkie' winner for the Game 2 win? Come vote!

Dallas Mavericks 93, Los Angeles Lakers 81. A 2-0 lead, and it seems like a strange alternate universe, a universe in which Los Angeles is not the flawless gem of the basketball world and Dallas strides into hostile playoff arenas, wrecks them, and leaves. This Dirkie might be gold, but it's got a heart of steel.

Who gets the hardware for this one, guys?

Player of the Game, Round 2, Game 2 .. you vote here!

Dirk Nowitzki -- 24 and 7, need another word for wow

Tyson Chandler -- Center A with 6 and 7

Brendan Haywood -- Center B with 5 and 8

Jose Juan Barea -- 12 points, 4 assists, LA-embarasser

Shawn Marion -- 14 points, 9 boards

Jason Kidd -- 10 points, 6 dimes, and a steal

Jason Terry -- 9 points, 5 dimes, and 2 steals

DeShawn Stevenson -- 9 points and general chip-innery

Peja Stojakovic -- 4 points and a board

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