Sunday Mavs Donuts: Dynasty Destruction?

Sunday Morning Mavs Donuts: The Mavs aren't just going for a sweep today, or a win in the series. They are trying to destroy a dynasty. Plus, How does Coop do what he do? ... 'Matrix at the Movies' has something cookin' ... Bosh vs. Rondo ... Has Matt Barnes' Twitter account turned to Charmin? ... Oh, and hi, Mama Fish!

DONUT 1: The Dallas Mavericks are on the verge of destroying a dynasty.

Who says so? No less an authority than Magic Johnson.

Magic says it's time to blow up the Lakers. I don't especially agree; it seems to me that LA, down 0-3 in this series with Game 4 on tap today at the AAC (a 2:30 tip on ABC), can roll out next season with Phil JackZen's replacement as coach overseeing a roster featuring a young star in Bynum, an older legend in Kobe, and the dual threats of Odom and Gasol, and be right there as a 50-plus win team once again.

Now, if "blow it up'' means trading for Howard or CP3, that's a different argument. Because that wouldn't be a "blow up.'' That'd be a "build up.''

But as a Mavs fan, you do like being on this side of it, don't you? ... The Lakers are in self-doubting turmoil ... Phil JackZen's grown kids have traveled into town, just in case this is goodbye ... and YOU are causing it.

DONUT 2: How does Coop do what he do?

I certainly understand the appeal to the Mavs fan who wants to hear what the national announcers are saying about your team. But ... if you want real insight? I always lean to Mark Followill on TV and Chuck Cooperstein on the radio. As all the telecasts are now network, we're robbed of Followill. But Coop on 103.3 ESPN Radio? Nobody does it better ... or is more prepared.

Want proof? Come with me inside Coop's Little Black Book:

Now, having seen that, go embrace the outside-of-Dallas viewpoint if you wish. But know that my exclusive sources tell me that the national media is reporting that even if the Mavs go up 4-0 today, the unbreakable will and unmatchabl history of the Lakers means LA could still win the series.

DONUT 3: With each action comes an opposite and equal reaction, so the basketball gods are obviously at work when in one game, Boston's Rajon Rondo has his arm turned backwards but remains in the game ... while Chris Bosh is performing for the other team in a less macho manner.

Which motivates Bill Walton to tweet: "If Chris Bosh were a superhero created by the incomparable Stan Lee, he most definitely would be the Invisible Woman.''


DONUT 4: I picked LA in six. So I have no room to gloat. But the thousands of Mavs fans who live and die every day with their team via and Boards? Y'all have room to gloat. To wit, the smart kids on Boards pull out the red ink pen ...

DONUT 5: Go Mavs ... and Go Premium!

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It's worth your dime. And believe me when I say DB com will do everything we can to earn that dime and retain your trust. Go Mavs and Go Premium!

DONUT 6: Back by popular demand ... "Matrix at the Movies!''

Our man Shawn Marion watches, by my count, a skillion movies a year. The 75-Member Staff at is brewing up a new "Matrix at the Movies'' Video report staring Shawn (upcoming: A review of "Limitless'') ... to prep you, here's Shawn Marion (featuring Ro Parrish, Fish, Owen Wilson and Nicky Whelan) reviewing "Hall Pass'':

DONUT 7: I'll prove you take The UberMan for granted: Guess how many times he's reached the lofty 30-point mark in the playoffs?


with 32 points on Friday, Dirk's now got 40 playoff games of 30 points or more.

Don't you think the world oughta know that? Or do we have to settle for this new meme from the national media that what we are seeing is the "Newly Discovered Dirk'' or some sort of "Re-Invented Dirk''?


Even Bill Simmons (a Dirk fan) wrote this week that Nowitzki is elevating his game. But it isn't so. The UberMan is the UberMan. For more than 11 years running. Every year, every week, virtually every night ... and darn sure every postseason.

Go ahead and wear your Blue-Out t-shirts today. But at a future game? Look for the black t-shirts that say UberMan. That is a sign that somebody gets it.

DONUT 8: Maybe this is just me as a media guy, though I believe I think this way as a fan, too ...

I like stand-up guys.

You win, you meet the media and smile and talk. You lose, you meet the media and talk ... the smile is up to you, but you gotta talk, because the media (the press conference, whatever) is your conduit to the fans. And the fans are your stockholders. And you as a player/coach are on the Board of Directors of your team.

You can't just speak to the stockholders when the stock goes up, right?

So it's amusing to chronicle the disappearance, in many ways, of LA's Matt Barnes, as suddenly, the dog ate Matt Barnes' blueprint. And apparently, his Twitter account, as the mouthy expert in "Punk 'Em'' quit tweeting after LA lost Game 1 and hasn't been seen or heard from since, on or off the court.

Barnes thrust himself oddly into the spotlight in an odd way (as did Jason Terry) when the teams met in their final regular-season clash. But it was easy to pop off then; the Lakers had won, and Barnes got to show his muscle by shoving a peacemaking Dallas assistant coach, Terry Stotts, to the floor.

Now where is Barnes? I've got $100 bucks that says if LA wins today -- even if Barnes doesn't play a role -- he'll put himself back in the spotlight, saying something controversial and jumping back on Twitter.

It's a character check, dealing with the public when you are down. And seeing Matt Barnes unplug himself from Twitter -- the only place where he's ever made a mark on Dallas-vs.-LA-- makes it look like his character is constructed of wet Charmin.

DONUT 9: As you try to predict the outcome of today's game (or heck, maybe we shouldn't bother, choosing instead to simple enjoy the ride?) ... consider this:

Jackson is leaving. Bynum is distrusting. Kobe's in a funk. Gasol's got 99 Problems. LA is changing its lineups. And now this (via Yahoo):

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Lakers will not offer new contracts to about 20 key staffers on their play er-personnel side, preferring to instead go with skeleton crews with a possible lockout looming. Jackson's coaching staff also does not have contracts past this season.

Sound like a winning atmosphere?

DONUT 10: To update some numbers from last night:

Pau Gasol has opposed Dirk Nowitzki's Mavericks seven times in the postseason.

Pau Gasol's record when his teams oppose Dirk's Mavs in the posteason?


Is it personal on The UberMan's part, like some response to the years of being insulted by hearing comparisons between the two players (when there really is no comparison at all)?


Nevertheless, according to ESPN, in this series Nowitzki is now 19-of-25 from the floor for 45 points when he's being guarded by The Sparkless Spaniard.

So it LOOKS like Dirk is taking it out on Poor Pau.

DONUT 11: Hey, if you want to stay in touch with the Mavs at every moment ...


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DONUT 12: Thanks, Mama Fish. For 50 years, you've given six of us (and then grandchildren, nieces and nephews, daughters-in-law, children's friends and friends of friends) your grace and time and resources and love. It would take all of us together -- that is, literally thousands of hearts you've touched -- 5,000 years to pay you back.

Thanks, Mom.

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