Saturday Practice: Lotsa Mavs Video

Where can you see Exclusive Video of Corey Brewer going 1-on-1 in Saturday practice? Video Visits with Rick, Jet and Peja? Mean-spirited poking at the down-0-3 Lakers? You already know. C'mon in (at about a dime-a-day, Mavs lovers!) and enjoy your All-Access Practice Pass:

RICK'S PRESSER: The beauty of the system here: We just let Rick talk to you:

DIRK VS. PAU (REALLY?): Pau Gasol has opposed Dirk Nowitzki's Dallas Mavericks seven times in the postseason.

Pau Gasol's record when his teams oppose Dirk's Mavs in the posteason?


Is it personal on The UberMan's part, like some response to the years of being insulted by hearing comparisons between the two players (when there really is no comparison at all)?


Nevertheless, according to ESPN, in this series Nowitzki is now 19-of-25 from the floor for 45 points when he's being guarded by The Sparkless Spaniard.

So it LOOKS like Dirk is taking it out on Poor Pau.

One more Dirkian nugget: with 32 points on Friday, he's now got 40 playoff games of 30 points or more.

PEJA THE DAY AFTER: How you feelin', fella?

Dominique Jones appears to be moving pretty well, despite the inexplicable black-and-red shoes. Corey Brewer? Keep working on that shot, son!

MAVSELLANEOUS: We promised you we wouldn't blow sunshine up your skirt when it comes to the frequent reports generated elsewhere regarding a miracle comeback by Caron Butler. So, for the millionth time, there is no blowing, no sunshine, and no realistic chance of Tuff Juice helping anytime soon. ... The more we go back and review film of Kidd's work -- not just against Kobe but in terms of his overall control of the games -- the more we're happy our beloved Devin Harris had to take his leave ... Sefko relays the news that Phil JackZen is bring his five offspring into town because "They think they have to hustle in just in case this is the last game I coach," said the retiring coach. "That's not a drag I need to happen, but they're coming in anyway." ... It's Shawn Marion's 32nd birthday and that's what's up.


It's a 2:30 start. Mother's Day. Sea-of-Blue. National network TV. Close-out shot against the hated Lakers.

Jet, we like your chances of getting your wish.

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