MATRIX at the MOVIES: Video Review: Limitless

It's time for another edition of 'Matrix at the Movies!' This time, Mavs star and contributor Shawn Marion takes on 'Limitless' - which is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp needle ...

As always, we establish for the record that 'Trix is a cinephile ... a sampling of his quickie film thoughts on Twitter is here.

And his preview film review for, of "Hall Pass,'' is here.

Today's film -- enjoyed during a week of relative free-time freedom for Marion and the Dallas Mavericks as they await an opponent for the Western Conference Finals -- is "Limitless.''


The movie stars a polished-up Bradley Cooper as a writer/loser who takes a magic pill (NZT) and suddenly not only overcomes chronic writer's block, but also becomes the possessor of a limitless mind. He has total recall of tidbits of information that flash through his brain, can learn new languages in a day, and is able to dominate Wall Street in a week.

He lives the good life, catching the attention of ex-girlfriend Abbey Cornish and business tycoon Robert DiNiro. ... and assorted thuggish villains who want to drink from the Fountain of Smarts.

Will Bradley survive? Will he run out of drugs? Will DiNiro snarl at him? Does anybody have any sex in this thing? If you were taking NZT yourself, you'd probably already know all the answers. ... kind of like the way Marion and the Mavs knew all the answers to the Lakers. But that's why Shawn Marion is here for you, featured in his ongoing series of Video Reviews along with Fish, produced by our own Kevin Brolan and Kason Hart ... here's "Matrix at the Movies: Limitless" ...

As he almost always does, yes ... the Dallas Mavericks' Shawn Marion gives "Limitless'' not just a "10'' ... but a "12''!


It's the Playoffs. Everybody's in a good mood. 'Trix's birthday was just last weekend. So Shawn Marion gives 12's to everybody!

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