Mavs Donuts: The Red River Shootout

Monday Morning Mavs Donuts: DeShawn on guarding Durant ... The history of Sweepers vs. Game 7'ers ... is doing TV on FS Southwest and also 'Hansen-Style' ... All of the Lakers did not sleep with that woman ... Hey, it's just a hamburger,y'all! ... Welcome to 'The Red River Shootout!'

DONUT 1: Among the themes of this WCF (besides The Red River Shootout idea, ripe for the stealing!): Old vs. Young.

Leave it to's Michael Dugat to put a very fine point on this: Of players who've played at least 100 minutes in these playoffs (nine for Dallas, 10 for OKC) the average age is: 31.6 for Dallas, 24.9 for OKC. Seven of the Mavs' primary rotation players are at least 30 years old, while OKC only has two players total who are 30-plus (Mohammed at 33 and Collison at 30).

So yes, Jason Kidd is 16 years older than his counterpart, Russell Westbrook. But the theme runs up and down the roster and will run throughout the series ... leaving us waiting to see which side is left with an advantage or a disadvantage.

DONUT 2: Thanks to Mark Followill and Mavstats for collecting some numbers that provide us a history lesson for when one team is coming off a sweep and its opponent is coming off a seven-game set:

*In playoff history, teams that swept a series are 9-3 in the next round when playing a team that had to go the full seven games.

*Since 1984, teams that have swept a playoff series have gone on to win their next series 67 percent (55-27) of the time.

*Playoff teams that have taken the full seven games to win a series only win their next series 46 percent of the time.

*And if you believe in history lessons, check out our review of the Mavs-Thunder series this season, complete with video ... and an exclusive one-on-one with DeShawn Stevenson on the difficulty of handling Kevin Durant.

DONUT 3: We've got the Dallas Mavericks covered from every angle on ... not only online, but also on TV, too!

I'll be part of Dale Hansen's live pregame show on WFAA Channel 8 from the plaza outside the AAC and down on the floor as well for Tuesday's Game 1 ... and then later in the series when the Mavs hit the road, we'll have personnel embedded with the team down by Bricktown and I'll be working the postgame show on TV with Ric Renner on FS Southwest!

Join us ... multi-media, home and away, on!

DONUT 4: Dirk's inclusion on the All-NBA second team means in the last 11 years he's got ... four firsts, five seconds and two thirds.

He finished on the second team this year largely because he was nudged by the Thunder's Kevin Durant, who led the NBA in scoring and obviously is one of tomorrow's stars ... TODAY!

But who is more ready to win four more games, The UberMan or Durantula? If I'm Dallas, I'm not swapping guys for the next two weeks. How about you?

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DONUT 6: So Kobe allegedly told his wife that Pau Gasol allegedly cheated while on the road and she allegedly then told Pau's girl who allegedly dumped him. Now the latest rumor alleges that Pau Gasol's girl was allegedly sleeping with Lakers guard Shannon Brown, who is allegedly married to R&B singer Monica.

So Shannon Brown, fresh off having swept himself, ran to his Twitter to deny the rumor that 99 percent of the population would've never heard of had he not tweeted it:

"Ok let me put a end to this right now before it goes any further. I DID NOT SLEEP WITH @paugasol woman!!! First and last time addressing it!"

Funniest thing about the mess is the Lakers sentiment, which suggests the infighting and lack of trust led to their 0-4 series loss to Dallas. ... when we all know that banging a teammate's sweetie can cost you one or two games, max, but never four.

DONUT 7: Here's the full series schedule (all times our time and all starts at 8 p.m.):

Game 1: Tue., May 17 in Dallas, ESPN

Game 2: Thu., May 19 in Dallas, ESPN

Game 3: Sat., May 21 in OKC, ESPN

Game 4: Mon., May 23 in OKC, ESPN

Game 5: Wed., May 25 in Dallas, ESPN

Game 6: Fri., May 27 in OKC, ESPN

Game 7: Sun., May 29 in Dallas, ESPN

DONUT 8: About the only thing better than the Mavs' Tyson Chandler "WarCry'' video is the making-of video ... Carve out some time and check it ...

DONUT 9: Rick Carlisle wants you ready ...

"The thing that I want to make sure, and this is an important part of the next series, is that our fans don't lose their edge, that our building stays just as lively and more lively than it was in Game 3 and Game 4 for LA," Carlisle says. "Because this time of year we know the places we're going to be going into – Oklahoma City is going to be wild and Memphis is going to be wild – and our building has to be up to the same standards as the LA series because that really helps us."

DONUT 10: The Miami Heat is the only team to ever host a victory celebration BEFORE the start of the season. As a bookend, they celebrated again last week after beating Boston in the semis ... LeBron James kneeling and praying on the court for three minutes ... Dwyane Wade falling to the floor in some sort of staged exhaustion ... both fellas acting as if some ghost was exorcised because they'd won a Round 2 meeting.

Dallas was haunted by two decades of Lakers ghosts. This Miami team hasn't even suffered together for a full year yet.

But there are shoes and energy drinks to sell. So the show must go on ... on to Chicago, where in a Game 1 blowout by the Bulls, karma must not think much of shoes, energy drinks or premature celebrations.

DONUT 11: Dear Citizens of Earth:

It's a friggin' hamburger. Just like before that it was a friggin' donut.

Furthermore, while you rush to get one NOW ... you realize they aren't going to soon run out of 'em, right? I mean, there will be another hamburger made available to you, say, next week, when there aren't 500 people in line ahead of you?


DONUT 12: Dirk Nowitzki gets the final word this morning before scrambles off to practice (and goes and hangs out with golfer John Daly, which is a whole 'nother story brewing):

"Five or six years ago I would have said I was worried about (this past week's lengthy layoff),'' he said. "But with the age of our team ... I'll take the rest."

The rest is over. The quest begins.

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