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We've got exclusive stuff with Jason Kidd, plus Carlisle's presser and media meetings with Tyson and with Jet, who says he's trying to 'outperform their entire bench. That's what I do.' ... Who is wearing what jersey and why ... It's Premium Mavs stuff, for about a dime-a-day ... c'mon inside!

Jet's Bold Words: He is backing them up, but still ...

"I'm trying to outperform their entire bench,'' Jason Terry says to highlight a Monday workout at the AAC as the Mavs prep for Tuesday's Game 1 of the WCF against OKC. "That's what I do.''

As you see in the Video Visit, the assembled media chuckles at the notion. But Jet isn't smiling ...

And of course there are numbers that bolster Jet's confidence. The Mavs' bench dominated LA's, 198-89, led by Terry, who in the postseason is Dallas' No. 2 scorer at 18.3 ppg.

Rick's Presser: Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle meets the media, addressing, among other subjects, defense against Kevin Durant:

"We're going to have three or four guys ready to guard him,'' Rick says ... and the hope, of course, it that he means for the Mavs to do that one guy at a time.

Mavsellaneous: I won't make too much of this, but in the assignment of jerseys (white to the starters, blue to the second team and red pullovers to the third-team/scout group), Corey Brewer wore the red. Roddy Beaubois wore the blue ... The fifth member of the red-clad scout team (along with Brewer, Ian, Cardinal and DoJo) was assistant Darrell Armstrong. "These guys still don't believe I used to play,'' DA joked. ... TY's response to a question about doubters who wonder whether Kidd can succeed against the youngsters: "They haven't watched him.'' ... staffer Kevin Brolan swears he heard Peja made 57 straight 3's today after practice. I can attest to this: Peja also spent a great deal of time working on the mid-range banker from the right elbow. He didn't miss many of those, either.

Is Kidd Tired Of Old-Man Questions Yet?: Or is that just me?

One good line of questioning (that's still age-related): The fact that Kidd was a teammate of Scott Brooks, now the OKC coach, way back in the mid-90's.

TY on Chippiness:

"Yesterday the scrimmage got a little chippy," center Tyson Chandler said. "So, it was obvious that we're ready to play somebody else."


The Final Word: "Let the games begin.'' -- Jason Terry.

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