Wednesday All-Access Mavs Practice

Wednesday All-Access Mavs Practice features a video shootout between DeShawn and 'The Second Gunman,' JJB ... Dirk makes melon jokes. ... The WWF mood of Chandler vs. Perkins ... Why Jet is 'licking my chops.' ... Video visits INSIDE practice if you are a Premium Mavs fan ... it's Wednesday All-Access Mavs Practice!

Heat Check!: The talk of the day is the talk of the NBA: Dirk Nowitzki scoring 48 points Tuesday to lead the Mavericks to a 121-112 victory over the Thunder in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. The UberMan was 24-for-24 from the line, an all-time NBA Playoffs high for consecutive makes, and was 12-for-15 from the field.

But the mere mortals had to get back to work at practice on Wednesday. Example? Barea vs. DeShawn. Shooting contest. Exclusive video. Count along with the Dallas Mavericks coaching staff ...

Perk in WWF: Sorry, but the Chandler-Perkins "hated rivalry'' angle seems manufactured to me. The emotion is real. And the tech on Perk was real. But the tech on TY was rescinded. "He don't like me and I don't like him'' seems like Perk pulling some WWF crap. ...

Guard somebody. Then pop off.

Anyway, TY seems fairly happy to me.

KD's "biggest fan'' is ...: Dirk.

"I'm probably his biggest fan, just because he's kind of a quiet guy, he's fun to watch, he can get a shot up at any time, he's athletic, he can get to his spots whenever he wants, so he's probably one of the toughest covers in the league,'' Nowitzki said, adding, "the future of this league is in his hands."

Happily, the matter at hand is the present.

Mavsellaneous: "Their bench is really good,'' Brooks said of the Mavs. "They basically have seven starters with J.J. and Terry. ... OKC is 4-0 this postseason in games following a loss. ... Carlisle cannot ask more from Dirk. But he can ask more from the supporting cast, especially on the defensive end, where he expressed dissatisfaction. And then there is the desire for "balance.'' "A 48-point game is spectacular, for sure,'' Rick said. "But we're gonna need more balance offensively, and so that's gonna be a key in Game 2, getting more guys involved." And Rick, what about that defense? "We started off the first 10 games of the playoffs giving up under 90 points a game, and we gave up 112 last night,'' he said. "It's the first time we've given up 100.'' See? Dissatisfaction.

Do you double Dirk?: Jason Terry hopes it is OKC's chosen answer.

"You gotta believe that they don't want to give him 24 free throws or 48 points,'' Jet said. "Either way, it's not gonna be good for them. He's gonna have a lot of attention, but the rest of us are ready. We're ready for the pressure, and we know if he's doubled we're gonna have to make plays."

Terry already went off for 25 in Game 1. Double-teams on Dirk, of course, mean more open looks for others when the 7-footer passes over that second defender.

"I'm licking my chops,'' Jet said regarding the notion of the Dirk double-team.

Quotable: "He made tough shots," Thunder coach Scott Brooks said of Dirk. "We had a hand in his face, but he made his shots. The guy is an amazing player. He'll go down as one of the best ever to play the game."

Rick Carlisle's presser: The coach meets the media ...

The Final Word: Why not give the spotlight to JJB (especially as's graphic genius Beau Shoulders is having some fun with "The Second Gunman'' theme)?

Hey, it is fair game to have fun with the lovable JJB, right Dirk?

"He's fearless and he's got a big heart,''Dirk said, adding, "I think if his head would be normal size, he'd be 5-4. But his head is so big so it makes him about 5-9."

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