Upper Deck: Mavs, Thunder , Kendrick & Bones

The Mavericks are on the way to a championship, I feel it deep down in my bones. Of course, it could just be arthritis.

I have had this feeling before, and usually I end up being wrong, so I would not bet the house on my sports predictions, but I have this feeling.

I am tempted to make a lot of puns about playing the Thunder, especially after a Game 1 win and even more now that somebody named "Kedrick'' is talking tough.

Do the Oklahoma City fans thunderclap or do they just make a lot of noise? Why name a team after a loud noise? It was either that or the Okie Dokies.

Webster defines "thunder'' as what happen when air is superheated by lightning and expands then has surrounding air collapse onto it.

Think of a balloon, now imagine stepping on the balloon, pretty much the same thing. Now think about the Mavs dancers ...

See, isn't that better than thinking about hot air? Which brings me back to "Kendrick.''

Somebody named "Kendrick'' seems to be challenging Tyson Chandler to some sort of "fistiball.'' Never in my life have I known a tough man named "Kendrick'' but that might only be because I do not believe I've ever known a man named "Kendrick.''

Anyway, I noticed recently there have been a lot of people catching Mavs fever; restaurants are giving away yard signs. The signs have started sprouting up all over the place. Everyone in my neighborhood has a yard sign; it took me all night putting them up but they all have them.

Having the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference Championship series has the people of our humble Texas community positively giddy. On my way to work this morning, people seemed unusually upbeat, happy, in fact. Many people waved. Some used more than one finger.

You would have thought that the Mavericks might have gotten some respect from the sports experts out there after dispatching the previous champions, Kobe in the Kobettes, in four games, but no, there are still people out there who question whether the Mavs are good enough to beat the Thunder.

It should be perfectly apparent to anyone with half a brain that the Mavs are indeed good enough to beat the Thunder out of Oklahoma City, but there are still those that doubt.

I have long held one belief very strongly. It is much better for everyone to think you are going to lose than it is for everyone to think you are going to win. As long as there are the naysayers, you still have something to prove, you play with a chip on your shoulder. (Barbecue-flavored chips are my favorite but that is not important.)


You have something to prove and so you put forth more effort. If everyone thinks you are automatically going to win, and the team starts to believe the press clippings, things tend to unravel. It is the nature of the human species. You need something to prove.

So let them think the Mavs are not good enough, or that they are soft, or that they are not tough enough to beat men named "Kendrick.'' All the more satisfaction we can gain from stomping on their balloons.

(thanks, KentATM!)

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