Mavs Podcast: Words With Friends (And OKC)

It is not safe for work, Thunder fans or people easily frightened by loud noises. It is, however, completely safe for The Rapture, the MFFL's and admirers of the finest quality radio on the dial. (Oh, and tonight's zebras, names inside)... Podcast up!

We get into the Western Conference Finals from all angles ... Dirk and Westbrook ... Scotty and Rick ... Van Gundy and Jackson ... KD and TY ... and tonight's refs, who are: Scott Foster, Marc Davis and Bob Delaney ...

The Dallas Mavericks, as discussed by the good people of (and their Twitter homes): The Fish, Mike Fisher; The Machine, Mike Marshall'; Mike "Pie'' Piellucci. ... and Kevin Brolan. ... oh, and overseen by the grandmaster of DFW radio production, Ron Pell ... Podcast May 20th by dbmavs

A few media reminders: On Saturday at 12:45 we've got Fish on ESPN Radio (103.3) ... at Game time, we've got The 75-Member Staff on the ground in OKC ... and then after Games 3 and 4, we've got Fish on the FS Southwest postgame show co-hosting with Ric Renner ... stick with! We've got your Mavs covered!

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