Mavs Donuts: From 'Shootout' To 'Closeout'?

Game 5 Wednesday Morning Mavs Donuts: Can 'The Red River Shootout' become 'The Red River Closeout'? Plus 'Matrix at the Movies' on 'Thor,' the filthy Mavs Podcast brewing, the goldeness of Cuban silence, tonight's Game 5 refs, Sosa, Sager, Obama, Trump, Lance Armstrong and Ray Lewis, plus ... a Shawn Marion TV reality show? Aw for the love of Kardashians! Donuts!

BONUS DONUT: Here's your white-hot Mavs Podcast. Yeah, it's NSFW. So put the children outside or bribe them with another pack of smokes or whatever it is parents do nowadays and and listen up. podcast 5-24 by dbmavs

DONUT 1: Well worth noting -- and yes, Mark Cuban, who endorses as a "No. 1 Mavs Information Destination,' we mean for you to note it, too, as you read this:


The Mavs owner's one left turn from "Silence Is Golden, Baby" lead to a Game 2 officiated in such a manner that Dirk, who shot 24 free throws in Game 1, doesn't even shoot a personal foul free throw until the fourth quarter, and then gets only three for the game.

Dallas may just be good enough to overcome any Sternian bias -- and the seemingly unwarranted techs that keep on keepin' on. ... But let's not tempt fate -- or the Chancellor, or Damn Crawford.

Silence is Golden. And so is the hardware Mark Cuban might just get to own at the end.

DONUT 2: Men want to wear them. Women want to be with the men who wear them. And then wear them themselves.
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WEAR the Mavs!

DONUT 3: Tonight's Game 5 zebras being herded into downtown Dallas: Monty McCutchen, Jason Phillips and Derrick Stafford.


DONUT 4: Shawn Marion is reportedly involving himself in a reality TV show. Here's what TMZ reports:

It's tentatively called "The Ladies in My Life" -- and big surprise ... it's all about Shawn and the important women in his day-to-day ... including his mom, sisters and publicist. One of the featured family members is Shawn's twin sister Shawnett -- who's 6-feet tall and can DUNK a basketball!! Oh, we almost forgot -- the show is being filmed in the NBA star's 14,000 square foot Dallas mansion.

Luv ya, 'Trix. But can you just handle all this during the coming NBA lockout, please?


DONUT 5: Speaking of lockouts ...

Ravens star Ray Lewis says if there's no NFL season, ‘crime picks up.' Hey, speak for yourself, Ray-Ray!

Of course, given his criminal sketchiness, maybe he is speaking for himself.

DONUT 6: Nobody believes Lance Armstrong cheated. Except every single person who knows him personally.
DONUT 7: So Barack Obama is Irish? Somebody call Trump!

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DONUT 9: Which is the more breathtaking NBA hue? Craig Sager's suits or Sammy Sosa's skin?

DONUT 10: Want to see a mess, a mess purposely created by a desperate (and maybe cheap) OKC bunch? During Mavs free throws, don't bother looking at the ball.

Watch Perkins and company underneath.

That's where the baiting, the wrestling, the 'bowing and the instigation is occuring -- not to mention when the cups of ice are being tossed onto the floor by someone in the corner of the OKC bench.

This nonsense started in the Portland series (I know, you barely remember Chris Johnson, but think!). It continued against the Lakers (Ron Artest rooting under Dirk). And here we go again, obviously a trend and obviously designed to harrass Dirk, lure TY and otherwise muck it up.

Is this some potential chink in the Mavericks armor that opposing coaches are purposely trying to exploit? I don't know. But Dallas is 9-1 in its last 10 games. Maybe they oughta search for another chink.

DONUT 11: True quote on CNN regarding The Rapture: "When people predict the end of the world, they are usually wrong.''


DONUT 12: Some superheroic work from Shawn Marion earns him top billing here ... "Matrix at the Movies,'' a exclusive, does its thing on "Thor'' ...

That's right. If 'Trix flix have chicks, he gives 'em a "12.''

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