Trix On 'Thor': 'Matrix at The Movies' Review

It's 'Matrix at The Movies!' The Mavs' Shawn Marion - the defensive hero of Game 4 against the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals - takes a look at superheroism in his exclusive video review Of 'Thor' ... who is, of course, 'The God of Thunder':

Nobody watched movies like Shawn Marion of the Dallas Mavericks. As a public service, he shares his knowledge of "Thor'' in this "Matrix at the Movies'' special ...


The Norse warrior god is banished to Earth ... and he's played by a guy from Australia named Chris Hemsworth. The director is the very fancy British person Kenneth Branagh. Another Brit, Hannibal Lechter, plays Odin. (Oh, and's Kason Hart and Kevin Brolan did the real work on this.)

And then Natalie Portman plays an astrophysicist, which is slightly less believable than Natalie Portman playing a Black Swan.

As a rule, the better the chick, the better the flick. And Natalie Portman is alright.

So, in summary, the Marvel comic movie "Thor'' kicks some major Asgard.

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