The Mavs Game 5 Preview Podcast

The white-hot Podcast, during which the four of us hide in a bathtub and pull a plush Mavs ManiACC on top of us for protection ... NSFW or for friends and family of Kevin Durant and Russell 'Shawty' Westbrook ...

Laughs? Yes. The four of us think we are funny.

Insight? Yes. One of us provided that.

Loving the Mavs so much that we are willing to audition to play a titular role in the Shawn Marion TV reality show "The Ladies in My Life''?

Three out of every four staffers would consider it.

The Dallas Mavericks, as discussed by the good people of (and their Twitter homes): The Fish, Mike Fisher; The Machine, Mike Marshall'; Mike "Pie'' Piellucci. ... and Kevin Brolan. ... oh, and overseen by the grandmaster of DFW radio production, Ron Pell ...

Here's your white-hot Dallas Mavericks Podcast. Yo, it's NSFW. So put the children outside or bribe them with another pack of smokes or whatever it is parents do nowadays and and listen up. podcast 5-24 by dbmavs

Hey, stick with! We've got your Mavs covered!

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