Friday Donuts: Are Mavs Now 'America's Team'?

Friday Morning Mavs Donuts: Are the Mavs just 'lucky'? What's Rick Carlisle doing in 'The Twilight Zone'? Want some ex-Mavs on horseback and in love? Was Mark Cuban's advice to LeBron wrong? Are the Mavs now being positioned as 'America's Team'? You gotquestions? I got Donuts.

DONUT 1: NBA Finals. Miami vs. your Dallas Mavericks. "Here we come.''

DONUT 2: Are the Mavs about to be positioned as the basketball version of "America's Team''?

I'm sure we're happy to play the game because as Mavs followers, we have an easy path to Sports-Hate the Heat. The 2006 Finals will do that to a fanbase, as evidenced by the "Beat the Heat'' chants at the end of Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals --chants that rose up, without choreography, even before Dallas knew it would be Miami that would advance over Chicago in the East, as is now the case.

But I sense that the media and fans without the particular horse in this race will embrace the concept because it's so easy. They are the Miami Mercenaries. They are disloyal. LeBron left nice little Cleveland, his hometown, in his wake. Bosh left an entire country in his. Wade moves about in a wheelchair before scoring 30. LeBron moves ESPN to turn "The Decision'' into a TV soap. Slickster Pat Riley had all this planned out illegally and months in advance.

They threw themselves a championship parade BEFORE the season.

For some reason, we hate "The Best Team Money Can Buy.'' So Miami is now Yankees-like. And yes, Cowboys-like, too.

Meanwhile. ...

DONUT 3: The casual sports fan who is about to grow less casual has long said he wishes he could have Mark Cuban own his favorite team. And now, for a couple of weeks, he can. Jason Kidd as 38 with no titles is easy to root for. And most of all, there is Dirk.

He's driven by traits and values and mores that Americans view as core to the best of us: Humility, loyalty, work ethic, self-made, unselfishness ...

Ironically, he's not American. But that't not the point. The point is that the media and its keyboards and the casual fans and their hearts need to be positioned a certain way.

And they are about to be positioned in a pro-Mavericks way.

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DONUT 6: Wouldn't Shawn Bradley make for a funny cowboy! Done.

Oh, and speaking of ex-Mavs saddling up, Kris Humphries is engaged to Kim Kardashian. It ain't exactly the Tony Romo/Candice Crawford DFW Royal Wedding, but it's love!

DONUT 7: So here's your NBA Finals schedule:

Game 1: Tue., May 31 in Miami, 8 p.m.

Game 2: Thu., June 2 in Miami, 8 p.m.

Game 3: Sun., June 5 in Dallas, 7 p.m.

Game 4: Tue., June 7 in Dallas, 8 p.m.

Game 5: Thu., June 9 in Dallas, 8 p.m.

Game 6: Sun., June 12 in Miami, 7 p.m.

Game 7: Tue., June 14 in Miami, 8 p.m.

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DONUT 9: Fine story in the Denver Post on Redemption Rick Carlisle.

But fellas … where did you get this unflattering photo of the dashingly handsome Rick? Rod Serling's "The Twilight Zone'' Pig Doctors epidode?

DONUT 10: Remember back in November, after the Mavs beat Miami to push them down to 9-8, and Mark Cuban announced that he'd warned LeBron about what might happen to a handpicked team of superstars?


"Before he made his decision, what I told him was, 'No team had ever blown up their team … and then added a couple free agents and won a championship,'' Cuban said. "It's always taken someone coming from a good team to make it better and put them over the top."

Was that premature? Nah. Cuban's motivation wasn't to rub it in that Miami was 9-9; Cuban's motivation was to tell the world that Dallas had, in its way, made its pitch to LeBron to join the Mavs.

Was Cuban's advice wrong? Not yet it's not. Miami hasn't won a championship yet, has it?

And by the way: Those of us (Cuban included) who believed that Dallas would've been a lead-pipe cinch for the Finals had James come here?

We were obviously right.

DONUT 11: TrueHoop says the Mavs are lucky to have beaten OKC.

Yeah. Sure. Lucky. I guess so. I mean, "lucky'' in the sense that it's the opposite of "unlucky.'' And the Mavs aren't "unlucky.'' I guess.

DONUT 12: We know that Dirk and the Mavs essentially tossed this week's WCF trophy into the dirty-laundry basket.

Now let's remind ourselves of a more lasting relationship ...


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