LeBron Vs. DeShawn: Our Feuding Video Visit

It's hard to imagine that LeBron really still cares about DeShawn in that way. But LeBron, as we know, ‘makes lists.' So yes, LeBron-vs.-DeShawn is a Mavs practice theme on Friday. Jay-Z and Soulja Boy aren't in on it. But DB.com is. And so is D-Steve – and we've got the Video Visit to prove it:

This NBA Finals matchup between the Dallas Mavericks and the Heat is absolutely overflowing with storylines: A 2006 Finals rematch, Dirk vs. national perception, the Heat vs. America, a veteran group of players all looking for their first ring, Redemption, Quiet Cuban, and Chris Bosh vs. a terrible goatee, just to name a few.

If you remember, despite an obvious difference in league stature, LeBron James and DeShawn Stevenson had quite a feud going during the 2007-2008 season that was sparked by a few heated meetings between the Cavs and Wizards in the playoffs. It's time to revisit that beef. It all started when Stevenson, who was regularly assigned by the Wizards to guard LeBron along with then and current teammate Caron Butler, referred to James as "overrated." LeBron and his ego didn't like that too much.

Then it got REAL.

Rapper Soulja Boy (no idea if that's spelled right, but looks good to us) was a friend of DeShawn Stevenson and openly claimed his allegiance to Stevenson, so LeBron decided to go to his rapper buddy, Jay-Z, for a little revenge in the club scene. In a Washington D.C. nightclub, a free-style recording from Jay-Z was played that disrespected DeShawn and the Wizards.

Then it got REALLY REAL, right?

Well, when they met in the playoffs that year, not much came of it. Stevenson did get a Flagrant-1 foul in a game for hitting James in the head, as well as received a $25,000 fine for doing a "throat slash" motion after LeBron goaltended one of DeShawn's layup attempts. After the Cavs won that series 4-2, not much was heard from the feud again as the Wizards' quality of play eroded and they distanced themselves from the playoffs. Soon, they regularly found themselves in the draft lottery and traded away most of their players from that era, which led to Stevenson, Butler, and Brendan Haywood finding their way to Dallas.

While these kinds of "beefs" seem to pop up between high profile characters all the time (Fish surely has dozens of them all over town), they're usually just macho gestures that don't amount to much. ... Though that didn't stop DeShawn from getting thoroughly questioned about it after practice:

Well, maybe it's not completely out of mind because as DeShawn puts it, "Sometimes people don't forget things."

Which leads to the questions:

*LeBron won't press just to get back at innocuous ol' DeShawn Stevenson, will he?

*And if he does, will that little break in concentration while trying to get revenge make any kind of difference in the series?

*And if LeBron makes "lists,'' can we be on it?

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