Monday Morning Mavs Donuts: 'Nice And Cruel'

Monday Morning Mavs Donuts: Will LeBron cover Dirk? (You'll be surprised by the evidence here.) J-Kidd goes deeper 'n a fryin' pan. Jet on this year's Mavs vs. the 2006 edition. Rollin' out Wade's Wheelchair. on TV! ... Guess who they're rooting for in Cleveland? As always, we're 24/7 on the Mavs - All-Access, practice, Video Visits, exclusive stuff! Welcome to!

DONUT 1: Jason Kidd has some deeper-'n-a-fryin'-pan things to say about the Dallas Mavericks' pursuit of a title, which goes into high gear Tuesday with Game 1 of the NBA Finals in Miami.

"It's been a long journey,'' he says of the KIDDIRK era of chasing a championship. "I mean, we all expected things to happen a little quicker, in the sense of maybe being more competitive and being in the Finals ... But again, patience is one thing, and also just understanding the game of basketball can be very nice and also cruel at the same time.''


Nice and cruel. ... a comment that suggests Kidd, at 38, has some perspective.

"I think the championship is a great honor,'' he says. I think sometimes it's taken out of context as an individual accomplishment, instead of as a team. It is a team. A team goes through the journey from October and to be fortunate enough to still be playing in June, that's a great accomplishment. So, I think sometimes we kind of take it out of context. It would be a great accomplishment as a team to win a championship. As an individual, I'm 38 years old, I've done everything I can. I've enjoyed the game of basketball, so if I don't win a championship, it's not the end of the world."

More perspective. Oh, and keep that in coxtext, too. Nobody wants this more than J-Kidd does. But he's right. It won't be "the end of the world.''

It'll just seem like it.

DONUT 2: So LeBron might cover Dirk, eh?

It's a fun theory. Makes sense on paper, too. And after LeBron volunteered to cover Derrick Rose in the ECF (shut him down, really), MVP-vs.-MVP is worth talking about.

So Dirk does.

We've got to be ready for whatever," Dirk says. "If LeBron's at the 4), we've got to adjust. But I don't think that's anything we haven't seen all year. We've seen small lineups, we've seen bigger lineups."

But there's one thing we haven't seen: Miami's LeBron covering Dallas' Dirk.

I've dug through the videos of both meetings this year, and I see a lot of Bosh on Dirk. I see lots of Joel Anthony on him. And in the final minute of one of the two Dallas wins in the two meetings, I see Dexter Pittman (!) guarding Dirk.

Now, personnel has changed since those games. Most notably, Caron Butler isn't in the lineup -- and he's the guy who often drew the LeBron assignment. Additionally, Miami didn't have the then-injured Udonis Haslem available. As Arnovitz notes, in the six games in the 2006 Finals, Haslem-on-Nowitzki resulted in Dirk shooting only 31 percent.

So pending further notice -- that is, pending Tuesday night in Miami -- LeBron-on-Dirk is nothing more than a fanciful notion.

Meanwhile, as you can see from the Mavs/Cavs t-shirt pictured above, the good people of Cleveland are now bonded with the good people of North Texas.

DONUT 3: is proud to be part of the telecast team that will cover the Mavs in the NBA Finals -- as we've done all season long.

I'll serve as an analyst on FOX Sports Southwest, the local television home of the Dallas Mavericks, as we offer you special one-hour "MAVS LIVE'' postgame shows televised after every game in the championship series against the Miami Heat.

Host Dana Larson will be joined by a crew that includes Rolando Blackman, Mark Followill, Earl K. Sneed, Emily Jones, Ric Renner, Nancy Lieberman and yours truly. We'll have game highlights, postgame podium press conferences, interviews from the Mavericks locker room, you name it.

So when the game is done on the other network, flip it over to FOX Sports Southwest, where you've been watching your Mavs covered all year!


DONUT 4: Jason Terry on the big difference between this NBA Finals Mavs team and its 2006 predecessor:

"If you look, to a man, this team is better than it was in 2006," Terry says. "To a man. The whole makeup. The chemistry. … Just look at the point guard on that team. It was me. Look at the point guard on this team: Jason Kidd. Big difference.''

What an odd and refreshing analysis of Jet on Jet as a PG. I don't buy the "chemistry'' argument; the 2006 team was obviously together enough to get a two-and-seven-eighths-game lead over Miami.

But I buy the rest of it. ... Of course, Miami can say the same thing about its talent -- at least three players deep.

P.S. on Jet: As predicted, the "Jet-will-get-his-Trophy-tattoo-removed-if'' story is already spreading like wildfire. Did he really say that? How did he mean it? Is there some room for interpretation?

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DONUT 5: It happened completely by accident, as the very best of these sorts of things usually do. Dirk Nowitzki grabbed a microphone, witnessed a Mavs dunk, and on live TV exclaimed, 'TAKE THAT WIT CHEW!'

And a star was born.

Well, he was already a star. But now he's a broadcasting star and an NBA Finals superstar with his very own catchphrase, and when we were at the AAC and showed Dirk this T-shirt a few days later, he created another catchphrase:

'Fish, where can I get one of those t-shirts?'

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And there, Dirk Nowitzki and Dirk lovers everywhere, is the answer to the question, 'Fish, where can I get one of those t-shirts?'

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DONUT 6: Hail damage to the Mavs team planes mean the guys won't be flying the friendly skies in their familiar aerial digs. Apparently the Phoenix Suns are helping them out with loaners.

There's no truth to the rumor that budget-minded Suns owner Robert Sarver will be charging the players for the little bags of peanuts.

DONUT 7: So here's your NBA Finals schedule:

Game 1: Tuesday in Miami, 8 p.m.

Game 2: Thu., June 2 in Miami, 8 p.m.

Game 3: Sun., June 5 in Dallas, 7 p.m.

Game 4: Tue., June 7 in Dallas, 8 p.m.

Game 5: Thu., June 9 in Dallas, 8 p.m.

Game 6: Sun., June 12 in Miami, 7 p.m.

Game 7: Tue., June 14 in Miami, 8 p.m.

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DONUT 9: Stuff you need to get caught up on from over the weekend:

*The LeBron and DeShawn Feud: LeBron pulled in Jay-Z. DeShawn pulled in Soulja Boy. Here's the story and's D-Steve video.

I'm thinking of bringing in The Official Band of, Bowling For Soup, to represent.

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DONUT 10: Need tickets?

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DONUT 11: They will get inspiration from Caron Butler. But it will almost certainly have to be from Caron Butler in a suit.

"He gets closer all the time,'' coach Rick Carlisle says of 'Tuff Juice's' rehab and recovery from knee surgery. "I don't want to close the door on it because with him, he's never a guy you want to bet against. He's just one of those special guys. He's a month-and-a-half, two months ahead of the normal rehab schedule for a normal human being. It just shows the kind of work he's put into it, the sort of single-minded compulsiveness of his approach and how diligent he's been. ... It's been an inspiration to have him around.''

DONUT 12: Dwyane Wade sat out the Saturday practice in Miami, but no injury is being reported.

Can we assume that as he sat on the sidelines, he did so in a wheelchair?

Seriously, Wade and reserves Udonis Haslem, Mike Miller and James Jones were all held out of contact portions of Sunday's practice, too.

What sport is this?

Meanwhile, as you know if you are a Premium Mavs fan with an All-Access Pass to workouts, you know that the Mavs also practiced on Sunday. ... and that no wheelchairs were deemed necessary.


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