Sunday All-Access Practice, And All Aboard!

Sunday All-Access Practice: Video Visits with Jet, Rick and Kidd ... Jet might remove his NBA Finals trophy tattoo?! ... Insight from Coop ... Does Dallas not match up? Yes, the Mavs have today 'taken their talents to South Beach' ... C'mon inside!

MATCHING UP: Mavs coach Rick Carlisle oversaw Sunday's practice before the team departed for Miami with thoughts how Dallas doesn't match up ideally man-to-man because of the Heat boasting what he called "two of the top five players in the league.''

But he also sounds pretty confident when asked about "mental issues.''

"Ah, there's no 'mental issues,'' Rick says.

And indeed, there are issues of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Those are the concerns.


"We might not be fast, or jump high, but we compete,'' Kidd says, echoing Carlisle's theme.

QUOTEBOARD: We collect an educated opinion from contributor, Premium Subscriber and Dallas Mavericks voice Chuck Cooperstein, with a series prediction:

"Dallas in 7. Really, after seeing what we've seen the last six weeks, you could possibly think anything else?'' - Coop.

NOW TO MIAMI ...: The Mavs arrived in South Beach on Sunday evening. Waiting for them ...


MAVSELLANEOUS: You can sense in Jet's words that he's still pushing the "Us-Against-The-World'' theme as he insists nobody is favoring the Mavs here. "Everybody knows that they're picking Miami to win. We know that," Jet says, and whether that's true or not really isn't the point anymore ... "We're trying to win the first six minutes,'' says Carlisle, which is a pretty specific goal ...

THE FINAL WORD: Jason Terry might remove that tattoo of the Larry O'Brien Trophy on his biceps?

"I definitely know that it will hurt worse if I have to take this thing off than it did putting it on," Terry says of the tattoo he added back in October ... suggesting he'll have it removed if Dallas doesn't win that hardware.

We're calling B.S. on that; won't the tattoo work as a symbol for the rest of Jet's NBA career? But we get the point.

"It just symbolized the fact that we had a realistic shot of getting here," Terry says. "If I didn't think we had a chance, I wouldn't have put it there."

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