How The Mavs Saved The Wildflower Festival

The Wildflower Festival in Richardson attracts 60,000 fans every year to listen to music from Lit, Sister Hazel, Jack Ingram, REO Speedwagon, Whitesnake and Jerry Lee Lewis. This festival also featured bad weather and big crowds in the Game Havens Game Zone. But a bigger storm was brewing: How to watch the Mavs playoff game?

Enter Chadwick "Kato" Wolff, the AV Spots super engineer who can pull off any audio-video, home automation, lighting control McGyver-like feat with a paperclip and piece of CAT5 cable. While City of Richardson officials unofficially asked if we get the Mavs Playoff game on the 92-inch screen we hoisted in the Game Zone, our Kato (we showed "The Green Hornet'' on Friday night) was locked in his very own garage, building a satellite dish tri-pod and a flux capacitor.

Chad and his French sidekick Jon were in stealth mode as they climbed the Bank of America garage, looking for the perfect location to point the dish. Meanwhile, the Game Zone was overrun with festival goers sitting at 13 game stations, participating in our Guitar Hero Farewell Tour and FIFA 11 Tournament, exploring Portal 2, shooting zombies and dancing on Kinect. We even had our very own garage band – The Switch, playing live and causing a stir (seems some of the nearby tent vendors thought our garage was a bit too loud). And somewhere in the midst of the Game Zone frenzy, Kato (aka Chad) had installed a make-shift tripod on the roof, dropped a couple hundred feet of coax cables, installed a satellite receiver and the flux capacitor and hooked up the new SIM2 Crystal 45 projector. Yeah – he did all that with a paperclip.

That SIM2 projector was amazing throughout the day; we were actually watching "The Green Hornet'' and "Tron'' in the afternoon with ambient light. Not many projectors can handle ambient day light. Now – imagine the picture at night – during the NBA Playoffs. Eye-popping clarity! The biggest stars in town were in our Game Zone – our garage. Dirk, JKidd, JET, the Matrix and Chandler were bigger than life on a giant screen. You know you've made it big when city officials are high-fiving you and total strangers with turkey legs and funnel cakes start sharing their food. Game Havens had saved the Wildflower Festival (that's our version of the story) and gamers and Mavs fans were happy everywhere.

A special thanks and three thumbs up to AV Spots very own Chadwick Wolff (aka Kato), Mike Fisher, Tony Fisher (great tournament judge!), Beau Shoulders, David Semans, Will Parkinson, John Fort, our friends at WAVE, the City of Richardson, our Director of Everything, Sharlene Butler, the whole Game Havens Team and the Dallas Mavericks…for winning and making us this year's festival hot spot!

And please know: What Game Havens and AV Spots did for the festival and the city of Richardson, we can do for your home or your business. Please contact me, David Teel, via the Game Havens Facebook Page! and learn about the new SIM2 Crystal 45 projector!

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