Mavs-Heat Game 4 Quoteboard

Throw out Game 1 - oh we wish - and the NBA Finals have been decided by a total of seven points. Seven! Eyeball-to-eyeball, and in G4, Miami blinked. Final 86-83, series knots up at 2-2, and courtesy of, here's your Quoteboard.

Statswise, a slender advantage at the free-throw line and a couple more made threes are all that seperate victory from defeat. Out in the real world, we've got Dirk fighting through a nasty sinus infection, we've got Dwayne Wade doing Wade-like things, we've got Tyson tacking up a mosterous double-double, we've got Chris Bosh having his best game of the series, we've got Jet with some fourth-quarter magic, we've got King James missing in absentia . . . The best-of-seven is now a best-of-three, as the Mavs make another miracle, 86-83.


101 degree temperature? Whatever . . .

"This is the Finals. You're going to leave it out there. Like I said earlier in the series -- it's June . . . You have to go out there and compete and try your best for your team, so that's what I did." -Dirk Nowitzki

"We knew he was going to play. He's a soldier. He's our franchise player and we go through him. Him being out there with a fever says a lot, in the Finals, especially with his finger being messed up. He's a tough player." -DeShawn Stevenson

"He did everything he could do. I love the way he played. Fighting through that was not easy." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"The average person, you know, has sick days and battling 100-something, it's just tough to get out of bed. This guy is playing against the best athletes in the world . . . We knew it was going to be a tough game . . . with the way Dirk was feeling. We were going to have to step up." -Tyson Chandler

Starting at shooting guard, No. 11, Jose Juan Barea . . . wait, what?

"Barea is a guy that we've asked to do this before. He gives us a different dimension with our team. I thought his ball pressure in Game 3 was a big factor when we were trying to come back from a deficit there, and he helps us from the play-making side. So I thought he did a good job. His stats don't look great, but his penetration helped us, and his ball pressure helped us. So we'll see what we do in Game 5." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I thought JJ had some good looks again. But he kept attacking. You have to love the little guy. Fearless. Kept getting in there, had some tough finishes, tough lay-ups that went in. We need him to attack off the dribble because he's good getting to the lane. Once you get to the lane against a team, they really suck in hard and open some of our shooters up. So JJ has to keep attacking." -Dirk Nowitzki

About DeShawn Stevenson -- came off the bench and tacked up 11 critical points . . .

"He's a pro. He just kept himself ready all year. The threes he knocked won in the first half were huge, because we were fighting though some deficits there. And, he was one of the guys that set the tone defensively for us in the fourth." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Regarding Tyson Chandler, and his Godzilla-sized 13-16 double-double . . .

"It was all about effort. Like I said, we knew that it was going to be a tough night because with the lineup change and then the way Dirk was feeling, that we were going to have to step up. I knew my guys would need more shots tonight, so I tried to crash the boards as well as get out in the lane and run." -Tyson Chandler

On the Great And Mighty LeBron James, who only managed eight points . . .

"We'll have to look at the film. Obviously we would like to get him involved. He's a very important piece to what we do. So we'll work to help make it easier for him next game . . . He's physically fine. I have to do a better job to make sure he is in positions to make sure he is efficient and aggressive." -Coach Erik Spoelstra

"I've got to do a better job of being more assertive offensively. I'm confident in my ability. It's just about going out there and knocking them down." -LeBron James

On the better-than-that Jason Terry, who notched 17 . . .

"I thought Jet took it really upon himself today in the fourth quarter when we were down nine. He made two back-to-back plays to get us right back in the game. He was phenomenal today." -Dirk Nowitzki

"LeBron's length obviously is going to bother me. If I shoot it in his face, it's going to be contested. So percentages on those shots are going to go down. But if I can get in the paint and draw the defense and then make the pass or make the shot, then that's going to be advantageous for us. That's something I looked to do." -Jason Terry

"Jason Terry is a great player. When he plays well, Dallas plays well. He's the reason why these guys are in The Finals and that's the reason why he's been one of the top guys and gets the sixth man award every year because he plays well for this team." -LeBron James

The finest stretch of defense in Dallas Mavericks history, or it's the zone to the rescue . . .

"I think it was very effective. That's when we got our push. They didn't have any shooters out there. It just opened up a lot of things . . . We weren't set up and they didn't know we were in a zone. I think that helped us out a lot." -DeShawn Stevenson

"I thought our defense won us the game. To give up 14 points to an explosive team with LeBron, with Bosh and Wade on one team, if you give up 14 points in the quarter to close it out, I think that's huge. So hopefully, we can carry that defense over into Game 5, and then we'll see what happens." -Dirk Nowitzki

6.7 seconds to play, inbound to Dwayne Wade -- fumble, sloppy pass, Mike Miller misses the game-tying shot . . .

"I was kind of anxious because I saw an opening really fast, trying to get there before I caught the ball. Obviously I would love to have that play back. We would love to have a lot of plays back. It happened. It was unfortunate." -Dwayne Wade

Not another one -- Shawn Marion takes a sneaker in the calf near the end of the third and sits most of the fourth . . .

"I'm walking. I'm good." -Shawn Marion

Maverick Basketball, as applied to the NBA Finals . . .

"The players play the game. And the guys you put out there, they got to be ready. This time of year we've done a lot of shuffling with the lineup because of the matchups. It's hard. You're talking about two guys with great size, dynamic, athleticism. Three, really, with Bosh. They have other guys that are underrated athletically. Look, everybody has to be ready, and our game is a team game. We're not going to outrun or outjump these guys. We've got to play a sound game. We've got to play a persistent game. It was tough. We had a lot of shots that were there that didn't go tonight, but the guys kept believing." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Yay, more Finals -- looking ahead to Game Five . . .

"And obviously, yeah, we would love to get Game 5 here. Don't want to go to Miami down 3-2 knowing they have two chances to close us out." - Dirk Nowtizki

Couldn't have put it better ourselves . . .

"This series is a jump ball. These guys live for these type of moments." -Coach Erik Spoelstra

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