Mavs-Heat Game 5 Quoteboard: 'One More'

There's no set formula, other than we need each other,' says Rick. Truth. But ... this is what happens when the shots start falling. In these playoffs, if one tries to out-offense the Mavs, one loses. Final 112-103, and Dallas is up 3-2 in the series. Care of, it's Mavs Quoteboard!

Dwayne Wade and the Miami Mercenaries combined for 59 points, 22 rebounds, and 19 assists, LeBron notched a triple double, Wade heroically soldiered through a hip injury (that's sarcasm, kids), and Miami even exposed their bench. When time's running out and the game is knotted, though, the Dallas Mavericks do shine. Down 99-95, the Mavs punched out 17, limited Miami to two made free throws and one LeBron layup, and took it 112-103 for a 3-2 series lead.


A simple statement of fact . . .

"If we score a hundred, we win." -Jason Terry

There's the Jet we know and love -- Jason Terry with 21 points on 8-12 shooting including two gigantic threes . . .

"It's my job. All season long, ever since I've been a Maverick, I've been the guy in the fourth quarter they depend on to either make plays or make shots. So, I really relish that role. Regardless of what's going on throughout three quarters of the game, in the fourth quarter I know I'm depended on to come through. Thank God I was able to do that again tonight." -Jason Terry

"Jet was phenomenal. He was aggressive again from the get-go, I felt. Even the first half when he came in, had a couple of pull-ups, got in the lane, got a floater, I remember. That's the Jet we need. We need him to attack and get in the lane. It opens up a lot of stuff for everybody else out there. It opens up Tyson on the rolls, that we actually hit him a bunch of times today. Our fives rolling, that was good. Also that opens up the corner threes and made a couple. We need Jet attacking. He was great. " -Dirk Nowitzki

"He played great. During periods where Dirk was out of the game, we were going to him, and he was delivering . . . But it's the total game that we've all been preaching to Jet really since the playoffs began. And tonight he did a terrific job . . . It's that, and it's the defensive end. So, you know, look, he was sensational tonight. Especially in the fourth." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"He's a tough cover. He's a big key to the team. That's why we have treated him with due respect." -Coach Erik Spoelstra

About the offense -- after failing to crack 45 percent from the floor all series, Dallas finished the night shooting 56.5 percent . . .

"I thought in the first four games we looked at the film, we stepped into some good shots. We just, for some reason we weren't knocking them down like we did in the first three series. I mean, if we would have struggled shooting the ball like that in the first three series, I don't know if we would have gotten here. Our ability to make shots on the weak side is a big part of what we do. Tonight we talked about it. Keep stepping into those shots when they're there . . . I thought we hit big, timely shots tonight. " -Dirk Nowitzki

The former Inch-High Point-Guard Guy, these days we call him Mister Universe -- JJ Barea and his 17 points . . .

"I think he was aggressive. In Game 4, he was aggressive in Game 4 where he missed some shots that we all know he makes. And, he hasn't backed down. He might be – what is he listed at 5-10? We'll go with that . . . We trust him, JJ when he has the ball he's going to find the right guy or make the right play. He's done that two games in a row." -Jason Kidd

"I thought JJ Barea was phenomenal. Behind screens, making shots. Attacking, he got to the lane a couple of times which opened the 3-point shot." -Dirk Nowitzki

"Barea's penetration was terrific. He got going with his outside game and inside game, which really helped us." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Thank goodness the good guys didn't forget to play D -- some of that smothering fourth-quarter defense . . .

"'Trix and I talked and I said, 'Do you want to switch?' He said, why not? That's just communicating . . . we have to try to give them different looks. They're so talented. When you talk about Wade and LeBron, I mean, you give them the same look, they're going to take advantage of that. So that was just a time where we said we wanted to give them a different look down the stretch." -Jason Kidd

"I'd seen [James] drive baseline a couple of times in the course of this game and actually in a couple of games now and I've been thinking, 'You know if I could get there and set and make him think I'm going to jump I can get a charge. Just so happened to be at a key time." -Tyson Chandler

"Big steal. Thought I got fouled on the break." -Shawn Marion

A glimpse inside the UbermMan's uberbrain . . .

"I really can't enjoy it much because in the playoffs for some reason, you're always on the edge. You don't sleep much. You think basketball 24/7 . . . As of right now, I'm always thinking ahead and thinking about the next game, what can I do better, what didn't I do and what I have to do to get other guys involved and more open." -Dirk Nowitzki

Kidd, Jason Kidd . . .

"You're never too young or too old to always improve your game. At 38, I've always felt that I had to improve my shooting if I want to be on the floor and help my teammates out. As I've gotten older, it's just about timing and not so much scoring 20 points or having 15 assists or 10 rebounds. It's just being at the right place at the right time." -Jason Kidd

Never underestimate the power of denial . . .

"We, as a team, we played good enough to win -- again. We put ourselves in a position to win down the stretch. Everyone-- guys made plays, they just made a few more than we did." -LeBron James

More on this thing called Mavericks Basketball . . .

"A lot of times our game becomes very balanced. We had five guys in double figures tonight . . . You're never quite sure how the total is going to get to where it gets. That's kind of defined us as a team. There's no set formula, other than we need each other. And we need to play a certain way, and we need to play with a certain collective intelligence and will. And the defense has got to be tight. So we were able to do a lot of those things tonight, and I think that's why we won.'' -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Everybody stepped up in a different way. JJ, Jason Kidd and Jet did an awesome job. It just says a lot about out team. Any given night somebody can do something for us to win, and we need that in the Finals." -DeShawn Stevenson

"You know, you can see how Dirk works, how hard J-Kidd works, Tyson, ‘Trix, Jet, DeShawn, I mean everybody. Everybody works their tail off. And, you don't want to be that guy that doesn't work, that doesn't grind and doesn't get in there and give their part. So, I think everybody in here's motivated by the next person in the locker room, and it's exciting and hopefully we can get one more." -Brian Cardinal

Unfinished business -- this isn't over . . .

"It's not a best-of-five series; it's a best-of-seven. So, the first team to four wins. So we couldn't celebrate tonight, even though it was a big win for us. The series is not over . . . we're going in there Sunday swinging, like we did today, from the jump. And hopefully steal one Sunday." -Dirk Nowitzki

"We look at it the other way. We're going home, and we wouldn't have it any other way than the hard way. This is an opportunity for us. That's why you play a seven-game series. You've got to play it out. And this is where we feel comfortable." -Coach Erik Spoelstra

"This city deserves a champion and we're going to try to bring it home to them." -Tyson Chandler

"One more." -Shawn Marion

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