Mavs Win Game 5: You Vote On 'The Dirkie'!

It's not over. It's just a step. But the Mavs charged closer to - dare we say it? - an NBA title with a 112-103 victory over the Heat on Thursday. It's a 3-2 lead, and it was a full team effort. But one man deserves the golden prize. You vote: Who deserves 'The Dirkie'?

Worth noting: That's it for NBA basketball in the city of Dallas. We don't even know for how long, because of the labor situation. But holy heart attack, did the Mavs make the last one a good one. A dazzling offensive display from both teams finished off with a 12-3 Dallas run has the Mavericks one game away from everything. Final 112-103. Before everybody hops on the plane for Miami, we've gotta do our duty. One Dirkie, coming up, handed to the winner so he can pack it and take it with him!

Dallas Mavericks 112, Miami Heat 103.. Vote HERE for The Dirkie! ... some likely candidates ...

Dirk Nowitzki -- The UberMan in his natural habitat

Jason Terry -- flying high, 8-12 for 21 points

Jason Kidd -- 13 points, 6 assists, 3 steals

Tyson Chandler -- 13 points, 7 boards, big big meanie

Jose Juan Barea -- 17 points, 5 dimes, peskiness

Shawn Marion -- making space in James's head


DeShawn Stevenson -- timely three . . . again

Brian Cardinal -- that should have been a charge . . .

Ian Mahimni -- Tyson-speller, 3 points and a board

Rock the vote!

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