Championship Swag: Come Visit Misty Mav!

Our time is now. Our Dallas Mavericks NBA Championship t-shirts and posters - designed for the Mavs and their fans and with the Mavs and their fans -- are here! Misty Mav invites you into the Store!

The Dallas Mavericks are No. 1. A first-ever success in the NBA Finals. A 31-year mission, completed. The work has been finished by people like Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Tyson Chandler and Jason Terry.


"This team never gave up when faced with adversity,'' says Terry. "We never gave up. ... We got vindication."

Vindication ... and Mavs championship t-shirts and posters of such cool quality that they're even sold in the official Mavs team stores! But you can get 'em right here right now, and we ship anywhere in the world!


"I still really can't believe it,'' says Dirk. "The team worked so long and so hard. The team deserves this. The Mavs Nation deserves this.''

And Mavs Nation deserves to celebrate in style. No more waiting and wondering and worrying ... just wearing.

The wait is over.

Our Time Is Now! Your time is now, too!


To celebrate, -- cited by Mavs owner Mark Cuban himself as the "No. 1 information destination'' for Mavs fans -- has updated The Store! with fresh designs that not only come with the approval of Mavs players like Tyson Chandler and Dirk Nowitzki themselves, but also reflect the feelings of Mavs fans just like you ... Our t-shirts are so popular and are of such high quality that some are worn by the players themselves!

There are lots of imitators out there (and as we say in Texas, "Bless their hearts!''). But we've been doing our Mavs thing since 1999 ... with the original designs that so many others are trying to mimic. And we're flattered!


Order now and get your t-shirts, t-shirts that tell a story, that tell their story, that tell our story.

The designs you see here, plus everything else in the Store -- all the high-quality swag you've come to expect from during our 12 years on the scene -- are all available right now! The good people at DFW-based MIG are behind the Store and ready to take your order! And now we've even got ladies-cut shirts, too!

Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks ... and their fans!

The wait is over!


Our Time Is Now!

Your Mavs apparel is here!

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