Donuts: Tell Me How My Championship Tastes

Tuesday Morning Mavs Donuts: 'Keep It Classy' or 'Keep It D-Steve'y'? ... The Heat continues to provide Mavs motivation for next year ... You'll get your parade but first we'll give you your Mavs exit interviews ... a Final Word from Dirk ... Donuts!

DONUT 1: DeShawn kept a lid on it for as long as he could.


I think this is an EKS photo and I've already heard from a bunch of' scallywags who think we ought to get with DeShawn and work together on a Mavs D-Steve t-shirt ... but I haven't exactly taken a survey of the classy adults who read this site, so ...

Thoughts? Do we need a DeShawn DeShirt in the Mavs Store?

DONUT 2: The Dallas Mavericks will have a parade. Thursday. Route to be decided. Tab to be picked up by Cuban.

Personally, I'm more interested in today's exit interviews (because I know will be able to cover them like no one else, as you'll see later today in All-Access). But yeah, get your parade hats on and please leave your firearms at home.

In the meantime, you get a brief "We Are The Champions'' from inside the locker room:

Miami coach Erik Spoelstra actually said, "Neither team deserved this championship more than the other."

It is so assumed by so many that Miami will automatically be back to this stage. The Mavs, with the same goal, of course, need to put this quote on their bulletin board and tattoo it to their brains if not their biceps:

Miami thinks they deserved Larry as much as we deserved Larry.

I'm already fired up for the pair of 2011-12 Mavs-Heat games ... which Dallas always wins, anyway, dopey comments from the Heat coach notwithstanding.

DONUT 4: Lost in the skillions of storylines from the season, the playoffs, the NBA Finals and Game 6: Let's always remember what Carlisle did to begin the second half in Miami after Dirk Nowitzki had struggled to a 1-of-12 shooting first half:

Carlisle designed and called a play for Dirk. The fact that The UberMan made the shot to start the half is nice; but the button pushed and the signal sent is bigger.

And later came Dirk's Happiest Walk:

DONUT 5: So did Dallas stop LeBron or did LeBron stop himself?

A coach tells me that when James made that game-starting 3-pointer in Game 6 (as he'd done earlier), the Mavs had him right where they wanted him. After all, wasn't he a 33-percent shooter from the arc but 100-percent unstoppable once allowed to the launching pad?

In the Finals, LeBron attempted almost five 3's per game. Is that due to Dallas' zone? You bet. Due to his fragile psyche? Sure. And how about some credit to 'Trix, who pretends to not want it, but ...

DONUT 6: "Nobody can take this away from me,'' says Shawn Marion. "They can all kiss my ass."

'Trix wants credit. In this space, he'll get all he needs.

DONUT 7: So the governor of Ohio is praising the Dallas Mavericks, just to rub it in the face of traitor LeBron?

Snarkly politicians are fun! I love when they take time from seeking treatment for their Weiner to pay attention to sports!

DONUT 8: I've gotten so many nice letters and calls from Mavs-lovin' readers ... I almost can't count them all. The combination of the Mavs' win (99 percent of the reason) and's dozen-year coverage of the climb (one percent?) has made THE place to follow this team for the entirety of The Cuban Era and The Reign of The UberMan.

But as a sportswriter, I'm especially proud when a colleague signs up for Premium Mavs Coverage (many do) and writes me a note ...

Fish, congratulations to you and The 75-Member Staff for your coverage of a Mavs' championship season!

You guys put in a lot of hard work and dedication to a site and I hope that covering them was as rewarding to you as it was to them hoisting up the championship trophy.

You should be very proud of what your "little website" has grown to become. Now it is THE place to get news and information on the NBA champs!

Keep up the great work.

It continues to be my pleasure to scratch out a living performing this labor of love, especially because so many of the people involved. I cannot possibly name them all, but believe me: The 75-Member Staff is a 24-hour-a-day, every-day force. I'm proud to ride the coattails of these guys, this team and these fans.


DONUT 9: Want MORE Mavs? Sign on up! It's about a dime-a-day for the very best in Mavs coverage from And yes, we keep it rolling all summer long ... starting with All-Access to today's Mavs exit interviews! You won't get 'em covered like you get 'em covered here! Go Mavs and Go Premium!

DONUT 10: When Cuban shared his bed with the Larry O'Brien prize on Sunday night in Miami, is that what they call "a trophy wife''?


DONUT 12: "We never looked at ourselves as soft. We just kept fighting." -Dirk Nowitzki.

Pop into The Mavs Store! The 'TAKE THAT CHAMPIONSHIP WIT CHEW!' shirt is hot!

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