Tuesday Donuts: Summer Swag From Dirk

Tuesday Morning Mavs Donuts: Who wants to win a Dirk-autographed card? ... Jet's flappin' those gums ... One more try at lowering the bar on Yao's 'excellence' ... Is there a Mavs' 'singular key'? ... Mark Cuban's 'Elephant Walk' and how little I care ... Now, why do I want to pay $8000 for this Mavs-Spurs painting again? ... Donuts!

DONUT 1: Mavs guard Jason Terry keeps flapping those gums. Even at Lebron James.

He's earned the right. Still, it's funny to hear Jet make fun of people for ...flapping their gums.

James said infamously at the end of the NBA Finals: "All the people that was rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today. ... They have the same personal problems they had today."

Jet's response:

"Well, my normal little life just got a little bigger, so I thank him for that.''

DONUT 2: Suddenly there is a movement to copy the Mavs by copying their shooting prowess. Good luck with that.

DONUT 3: Who wants some DB.com Summer Swag courtesy of Dirk?


Nowitzki has signed a Panini trading card for DB.com and if you are a Premium Subscriber, you are eligible! Just post in this thread that you want that card, and on Friday morning I'll pick a winner at random and mail your Dirk to you!

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DONUT 4: Have you checked out the Mavs DB.com Store lately? You might discover an Easter egg or two in there ...

DONUT 5: Thumbs-up to Mark Cuban ...

The Mavericks owner is involved in the raising of $35,000 for the reward to help the capture those who beat and raped a woman in Dallas after Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

Overall, we should be very proud of the way North Texas conducted itself during the celebratory moments. Really, there is no true correlation between the championship and this tragedy; someone who is a rapist is ... a rapist. He didn't need a basketball outcome to cause him to ooze his bile into our community. He was going to do it, anyway.

DONUT 6: I believe the NBA players association is VERY involved in Deron Williams' stated willingness to play in Europe. (His statements, including references to "Mr. Hunter,'' sound so scripted ...)

Too bad for the players association that it cannot control the behavior of Chris Bosh, who is spending $300,000 on his wedding reception, an action that is well within his rights, of course, but paints a public picture of opulence and excess that will not help his side in the court of public opinion.

DONUT 7: The "Yao Ming was a great player'' argument lingers on. I guess my side -- the side that says he was good for too short a time to be considered great -- is losing.

Let me try one more time:

In his draft year of 2002, Yao went No. 1. Nene went No. 7. Amare was No. 9.

How quickly do you think the Rockets -- not in terms of "globalization'' but in terms of actual on-court production -- would like to turn back the clock and replace a decade of Yao with either of those guys?

DONUT 8: I assume I am not alone in my disinterest in the old college photos that were "leaked'' to Deadspin that show Mark Cuban is various stages of drunken partying undress back in his days at Indiana.

The fellas on the rugby team did the "Naked Elephant Walk'' through the living room, or something?

Funniest thing about the story isn't that Mark Cuban used to have a drink at a party. (I believe he still does that.) No, the funniest thing is that Cuban is playing along with the idea that these photos were "accidentally leaked.''

The photos are out there because the guys in the photos think the photos are funny. The photos are out there on purpose.

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DONUT 10: Former Mavericks center Donald Hodge used to be a punchline for all of us on those old postgame shows on 570 KLIF. We picked on Hodge, I think, because he seemed to symbolize what was so wrong about those teams.

The wrongness remains.

Hodge has been sentenced to five years in prison on for conspiring to distribute marijuana, concaine and crack cocaine out of his home.

DONUT 11: A P.S. to Donut 2: Do basketball-watchers really believe the singular key to Dallas' title is "shooters''? If so, the basketball-watchers should watch more closely.


DONUT 12: No offense to the artist or to his apparent connection with Mark Cuban, but … Why would a Mavs fan want to buy this painting, at $8000 or at any price?

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