Special Guest Mavs Donuts: Newy Scruggs

I'm handling the Donuts for Fish today, and it's all Mavs ... Mavs and Cuban in baseball, Mavs and Casey in Toronto, Mavs and Cowboys and how the Cowboys really don't deserve to have that connection made. Proud to be making the Guest Donuts ... Dig in!

PRE-DONUT: Newy Scruggs is the multi-talented sports anchor at NBC5, an accomplished radio talk-show host, writer at NewDawg.com and a long-time Dallas Mavericks season-ticket holder. ... and a good friend of DB.com! Here's Newy's Donuts! - Fish ( catch Fish on Twitter at FishSports!)

DONUT 1: The Mavs lost a big piece of what got them their title run.

Assistant coach Dwane Casey was named the new head coach in Toronto last week. Casey did a heck of a job as Rick Carlisle's defensive coordinator. How many years did fans and analysts say the Mavs were not interested in playing defense?

I think of Casey the way a lot of people once did about Norv Turner as the Cowboys offensive coordinator in the early 90's. DC had the zone defense going and now he's taking his talents to Toronto.

This is how much Carlisle thought of Casey, according to Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo: "Rick Carlisle said, 'Bryan, I want to know what it's going to take to get Dwane that job in Toronto. It's right for him, it's right for you, it's right for the situation. You need to strongly consider it,'" Colangelo said.

Did I mention that Carlisle called Colangelo late Sunday night after the Mavericks won the NBA Championship?

DONUT 2: Los Angeles Wants Mark Cuban.

Dodger fans are going through what Texas Rangers fans did in 2010, with a shuck-and-jive owner who has no cash to make payroll and MLB has to bail out. Cuban is wanted by Dodger fans and almost as important, the Los Angeles media want him. Now that Cuban has won the NBA Championship the folks in L.A. would love for Cuban to bring a World Series title to Chavez Ravine for the first time since 1988.

DONUT 3: Do Your Thang DoJo.


So what if Dominique Jones didn't play a lick in 2011 playoffs? Lay off the man for getting The Larry tattoo on his neck.

What's The Larry, you ask?

That would be Larry O'Brien Trophy given to the champion of the NBA. DoJo got a neck tat of The Larry and tweeted a picture it only to hear the haters say he didn't contribute much. To the haters all DoJo can say is, Tomorrow you have to get up with the same problems you had today but DoJo will wake up a championship tat.

DONUT 4: NBA TV...I love you!

I have never seen the Mavericks on NBA TV this much in my life. Definitely not this much since 2006.

Don't tell me the Mavericks haven't gotten respect from the league office when it comes to airtime. I have watched a bunch of Mavs games on replay from the West Finals and NBA Finals the last three weeks. In person, I never saw the last minute of the Mavs clinching Game Six win. I was trying to rush past all the Heat fans leaving to get down to the court.

Thanks to NBA TV I have...five times.

DONUT 5: Vehicles in DFW Love The Mavs.

In Texas people feel like their cars and trucks should be plastered with their beliefs. Political, social, educational, and spiritual are always prominently placed on vehicles driving down Texas roads. Add 2011 NBA Champions bumper stickers, flags ... 'Mavs this' and 'Mavs that' is everywhere you look as you drive in North Texas.

The Mavericks have made the region proud and the fans are showing their Mavs pride on their vehicles. Look for an increase in Mavs license plates this year.

DONUT 6: Who Stays, Who Goes For 2011-2012.

Outside of finding a way to keep center Tyson Chandler at all costs don't ask me about free agents until you can tell me what the new rules will be in the CBA. Whatever the new deal is I expect Mark Cuban to keep No. 6 in a Mavs uniform.

DONUT 7: Rick Carlisle Is The Smartest Man In The Room.

Darn it, I am the man who gave the Mavs head coach that nickname and I want my credit. Carlisle is about a fun as New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick during his interview sessions but when you win a title you can be as boring and condescending to media schmoes all you want.

One thing I have really come to respect about Rick is how he makes it about others. The man deflects credit. It reminds me of a Zig Ziglar saying, "You can have everything you want if you help enough other people get what they want."

DONUT 8: The NBA Draft.

The draft? It came fast! I am glad GM Donnie Nelson and his staff were ready for the draft because I hadn't paid much attention to it. In fact, in some ways, I'm still recovering from the NBA Finals!

Like Rudy or not, the Mavs had a plan.

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DONUT 11: Mavs Nation rocks those t-shirts.


I keep reading the headlines for that story all over DFW media outlets. Everybody's got one. I read one and that was written by Mickey Spagnola on the Cowboys web site, but I refuse to read another one with that angle.

In exchange for doing Donuts, I'm assuming Fish is going to hook me up in the DB.com Store!

DONUT 12: What Can The Cowboys Learn From The Mavericks?

I don't think we can apply the Mavericks to the Cowboys. The Mavs were an outfit that has been a playoff team decade but couldn't win a title. The Philadelphia Eagles have more in common with the Mavs than the Cowboys.

Philly has been a contender for 10 years with a loss in the title game. The Cowboys can't claim that.

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