Special Guest Mavs Donuts: Brian Cuban

In my Special Guest Mavs Donuts on this morning, I want to deal with the emotions of being a passion fan of a team and a franchise that has done so many things right for so many years ... and has finally gotten rewarded. I'm still buzzing from the Finals win, from holding that trophy, from riding in that parade ... Feelings:

PRE-DONUT You are probably familiar with Brian's brother. But if you are a social media user, a Mavs fan or have interests in the news events of the day, you probably also know Brian Cuban. Follow him on Twitter at Brian Cuban and on his blog, The Cuban Revolution. - Fish (find me exchanging Mavs thoughts with Brian and friends on Twitter at FishSports!

DONUT 1: I will never forget the feeling of being part of one of the most incredibly special moments in Dallas sports history.

DONUT 2: I will always be affected by the feel of hugging someone you love, knowing that person has accomplished his ultimate professional dream.

DONUT 3: Oh, and the feeling of having everyone you love around you when that dream is realized.

DONUT 4: Then there is the feeling of being at one with a team and entire city. The intense emotions associated with riding through thousands of people who do not know you but are letting their love for you and your family wash over you and feeling the same way for them.

DONUT 5: The feeling of intense emotional projection of failure ... only to have victory snatch that feeling away within seconds.

DONUT 6: The feeling of the last 10+ years being vindicated when the clock read 0.00.

DONUT 7: The feeling of anxiety for the future of a team that you hope will remain a team for future championships.

DONUT 8: The feel of holding the Larry O'Brien Trophy over my head!


DONUT 9: The sadness of letting go these great moments as time moves forward.

DONUT 10: The feeling of pride and joy for the employees of an entire organization at every level who put their heart and soul into making the above feelings a reality.

DONUT 11: Being in that parade ... in that mob ... our car at one point swarmed by people ... but feeling nothing but good feelings.

DONUT 12: Singing "We Are The Champions'' over and over and over again in my head ... all month and maybe forever!

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