Monday Donuts: Tyson And The Great Unknown

Monday Morning Mavs Donuts: And now we know more about Tyson Chandler and The Great Unknown ... as well as JJB and Roddy B and Rudy and Their Great Unknowns, too ... Read-between-the-lines respect from Dirk to Rick ... And a philosophical question: Do the players on the 2010-11 Dallas Mavericks all 'deserve to return in order to defend their title?' ... It's Donuts!

DONUT 1: I think now we all realize what Tyson Chandler meant in his two visits with regarding free agency and why he didn't sign an extension during last season. We have entered The Great Unknown regarding the dollars and sense here; there is simply no way to project the parameters of a new contract … and the reason there had been so little contact between the two parties – beyond a mutual desire to re-marry if at all possible – is because there was simply nothing to discuss.


I'm sticking with my belief that TY's $12.75 mil salary from last season is a parameter-setter – IF the future CBA is reflective of the past one. But what a whopper of an "if'' that is right now.

There is one grand danger here, that the CBA creates some new bylaw that restricts what a team can do financially to re-sign its own stars. The Mavs must be betting on that being a non-issue, though; remember that their non-moves at the February deadline (passing on taking on salary, for instance) came in part so they could keep their powder dry in regard to Tyson Chandler.

DONUT 2: As you may have gathered from last week, Marcia tossed me into her backpack and hauled me out of town for a couple of days. We did a cruise –revealing in the sense that I had no idea so many Texan women in their 40's and 50's have tattoos on their backs of wings, dolphins and dolphins with wings – and so while's volume of coverage dipped for a week,'s quality was at least as terrific as ever.


Gina Miller, Mike Piellucci, Newy Scruggs, Michael Dugat, Brian Cuban and Chuck Cooperstein. That's why.

I'm glad you missed me! (My one-year wedding anniversary deserved four days of attention, though, right?) But our "Guest Donuts'' were a big hit, and I'm proud to count people like Gina, Newy, Brian and Coop at friends of

To review their insightful and entertaining columns, go here to our recent archives and check ‘em out.

Thanks, you guys!

DONUT 3: I wish in a labor dispute like the one the NBA is now embroiled in that all parties were capable of being big-picture enough to avoid pettiness. But how else to characterize Chancellor Stern's apparent decision to make unavailable online photos and videos of his league's "enemies''?

The "enemies,'' of course, being his own players.

You go to and you can't see NBA players' photos? That's something short of a "good-faith'' move. It makes no impact, as far as I can see, on the all-important negotiations, and it is pettiness at its height.

Who in David Stern's has time to oversee such a silly decision? Aren't there thousands of more critical deck chairs to be arranged here?

DONUT 4: You tell me if I'm reading too deeply between the lines here, but I love that Dirk, while out at that Rangers game, referred to Rick as "Coach Carlisle.'' It sounds wonderfully respectful of a man who has devoted three years in Dallas to earning every bit of acclaim that comes his way.

It's yet one more reason to admire The UberMan's approach ... and Coach Carlisle's, too.


DONUT 5: Gossip coming out of the Knicks camp is that they want to avoid making a big-money long-term signing this summer … in anticipation of being able to something even bigger in the summer of 2012. (For what it's worth, be aware that when it comes to somebody like Deron Williams and the franchise located in his home city

More gossip: The Kings and others do have their lusty eyes on TY. Problem: Barring those aforementioned sign-your-own restrictions, the amount of money a losing club like Sacramento will be willing to pay will not exceed the combination of money, success and loyalty that Dallas will be offering.

DONUT 6: Does the same formula work for JJ Barea?

Not necessarily.

I put zero stock into comments – even the ones made by JJ himself – that he is attracted to the idea of playing with the Lakers or Knicks or whomever. JJB's personality (combined with the language thing) suggests that he will say "yes'' to any question posed about any prospective employer.

JJ Barea's answer regarding Dallas, though, is unique – and unique again because agent Dan Fegan echoed the same words.

JJB says he likes his role as "a guy who brings energy off the bench.'' How many times do you hear a blossoming "star'' ("name player,'' or whatever you want to call JJ) say something like that?

And how often do you hear his agent then say the same thing?

"He's really become a veteran player,'' Fegan recently told Hoopshype. "He understands his role, he hits big shots. Some games he plays more minutes, some games he plays less. He's improved his passing ability, his defense… As I said, he was a very important part of their championship run.''

Fegan has a terrific (and prolific!) relationship with the Mavs. He clearly has an understanding of how JJB might be a product of a system in Dallas.

That doesn't mean Barea will pass on a monster payday. It does mean, though, that starting for the Kings (and therefore being a top-five guy) might not really be a promotion over remaining in Dallas (where he started in the NBA Finals and would be a top-eight rotation guy).

DONUT 7: One more JJB consideration: Should Dallas now re-align its offer to him because of the questionable future of Roddy B?

I think that would be a dangerous mistake.

How much does Dallas want to reduce J-Kidd's minutes? Aren't there ways to fill in the blanks behind him without overspending? Is there a backup PG out there who would die to take a $1-mil minimum to come to Dallas to serve as Kidd's caddie?

I guarantee there is.

Roddy B's situation is problematic. (See our medical expert Jeff Stotts address the issue here.) But Roddy B's situation doesn't need to contaminate the rest of the franchise's roster plans. If he's not around to start the season and the club needs a creative wing … well, they already want Caron back. So no change there. If they know they need help at backup PG and Barea departs … well, there are ways to do that without upsetting their financial applecart.

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DONUT 9: All I can say for certain regarding Rudy Ferndandez is that the Mavs, led by Donnie Nelson, simply MUST'VE known what they were getting into here. Rudy being flirted with by Real Madrid in Spain and considering playing one year here before leaving? Given how frequently Rudy whined about leaving Portland for Europe, I've just got to assume that Dallas enters this relationship knowingly ...

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DONUT 12: The Final Word: Do the players on the 2010-11 Dallas Mavericks all "deserve to return in order to defend their title?''


It's a gorgeously romantic notion … and complete crap. All the fellas got what they "deserved'': A great year's pay for a great year's work. The only people who "deserve'' to return are those who fit as well as possible into the Mavs' desire to win yet another World Championship.

You start stretching "rewards'' beyond a single season's give and take and you start handicapping your team's ability to get better. So "deserves'' ended on July 1. It's time to find the next group of 15 who, 11 months from now, are best capable of "deserving'' it all again.

Agree or disagree?

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