Special Guest Mavs Donuts: Chuck Cooperstein!

Thanks to Mike Fisher for giving me a chance to bake some Donuts for you. Hopefully, they're as tasty as what we've just experienced the last few months. Let's bake!

PRE-DONUT: We are blessed in North Texas to be able to have listened to some of the finest sports broadcasters in the history of the industry. Among their ranks: The radio play-by-play voice of the World Champion Dallas Mavericks, Chuck Cooperstein, an artist behind the microphone, a frequent contributor to DB.com ( and a Premium Mavs Subscriber, by the way!) Listen to Coop on 103.3 ESPN. - Fish (find me exchanging Mavs thoughts with Coop and friends on Twitter at FishSports! ... and get Coop on Twitter here! )

DONUT 1: The overriding emotion of the moment is happiness. Coaches, players, and staff are thrilled they achieved the ultimate goal. Fans are thrilled for them, and themselves they achieved the ultimate goal. And it came together on that Thursday, in the one the best days this city, and the entire DFW area have ever seen.

DONUT 2: We bicker so much over everything in our town (schools, economic development, city services, the importance of structures like the American Airlines Center, just to name a few). So it just nice to once again show how important sports are to an overall community. This run to a championship (and what all our major sports teams have been able to do beforehand) breathes life into a community. Gives them a commonalty they can't find anywhere else. It's what Laura Miller and Sharon Boyd, and their ilk, never understood about the building of the American Airlines Center (and the failure to build the Cowboys Stadium at Fair Park). Sure the city had to help pay for it. But the city has received more than its fair share from its investment don't you think?


DONUT 3: For those who have had a hard time jumping on the Mark Cuban bandwagon, they couldn't help but be impressed with how he has handled the past few weeks. From allowing Don and Linda Carter to receive the championship trophy from David Stern. ... to personally picking up the check for the parade. ... to losing it on stage when I mentioned what a long way he had come from an upper-deck fan at Reunion Arena to a championship owner.

The goodness. The passion. The emotion. His feelings are our feelings.

DONUT 4: That all the Mavericks players have had a great time in the last few weeks is an understatement, but to see Dirk Nowitzki in the moment was just great. He's always given off a stoic personal in public, but those of us who have had the pleasure to spend some time with him know what a good, decent, funny guy he is. To see the joy on his face on the podium as well as the locker room on Sunday night. To see his belting out of "We Are The Champions" at the end of the parade (And not caring a bit that it wasn't in tune). To see the emotion he showed you at the Rally. He allowed you to see more of him. And you are the better for it.

DONUT 5: Jason Terry is probably as outsized a personality as the Mavericks have ever had. No one had more fun, but you knew that would be the case. Especially when his game was even bigger than his personality. Just wish he would have worn the new Championship terrycloth robe with the Finals crest to the Rally. Could you imagine, him taking off the robe and then flexing the bicep with the Trophy tattoo on it? Would have been priceless.

DONUT 6: Like Dirk, Rick Carlisle showed you a side that you probably thought he didn't have. Loved the post-game presser after Game 4 in Portland when he blamed himself for the big collapse, while at the same time having his team's back. Loved the post-game presser after Game 6 in Miami when he said it was time to end the LeBron soap opera and start spending some time talking about a team that had done things the right way. Love the way he took the microphone at the rally when Mark Cuban couldn't talk and talked about fulfillment. Love the way he just melts when his daughter, Abby, is at his side. He cares. A lot.


DONUT 8: Onto other things ... As Dwane Casey leaves for Toronto, the Mavericks will likely elevate Monte Mathis to join Terry Stotts as the lead assistants.

DONUT 9: Know this about Casey. No one has deserved to be jerked around the last two years the way he has. Minnesota hasn't been the same since they fired him. Their loss, along with the crazy decisions in places like Atlanta, the Clippers, and this year in Houston and Golden State were the Mavericks gain and is going to be Toronto's gain as well. That team needs to learn how to play defense. You think they might listen to a guy who had a huge role in turning around a group that often times looked at defense as a necessary evil, and now talks about defense as the backbone of what they do?

DONUT 10: Who knows what will happen in free agency, but know that the Mavericks will go the mat to make sure Tyson Chandler remains here. Amazing that despite just concluding his 10th season, he won't be 28 until October 2. There's a lot of basketball and a lot of fire left in that man. I don't think paying him big money will change him one bit.

DONUT 11: If the head coach has anything to say about it, I think Caron Butler will be back here too. Rick Carlisle was as affected by that injury as any he has gone through with one of his players. Those two spent a lot of time refining Butler's game and we were only starting to see the payoff before he got hurt on January.

DONUT 12: I don't know how long the lockout is going to last, but you have to know that both Roddy Beaubois and Dominique Jones need the time with the coaches in a structured setting to get moving forward. Beaubois (once healthy!) still has that athletic ability that you just can't teach, and the coaches say that Jones, once he recovered from his broken foot really improved his overall game and especially his shooting (The area which we all know he needs to get better).


DONUT 13: Lastly, I want to thank all of you for all the kind words you've sent my way during the playoff run. The Mavericks gave me the greatest material in the world to work with. I share your passion for this team, and felt the same kind of payoff you did when the clock struck :00 in Miami.

The reality is a zillion times better the dream.

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