'This Is The Top Of The Iceberg!' - Dirk

Dirk rolled up his sleeves. But not for work - for play, an attempt to alter his gym-rat lack of a tan and to bask in Dallas' championship sun. 'This is the top of the iceberg!' The UberMan announced to his city, his scrambled Germanglish metaphor representing about the only gaffe he's committed in this title season that culminated with Thursday's downtown parade and AAC celebration.

The Dallas Mavericks, the city of Dallas and MFFL's from the Metroplex and beyond did it right Thursday, celebrating the team's first-ever title with a happy-faced parade (witnessed by 250,000 onlookers) and then inside the AAC for a "private'' affair featuring 20,000 more fans.

In between, Dirk and the Mavs took to the AAC balcony overlooking the Plaza and sang "We Are The Champions!'' along with Dirk's now trademark (and t-shirt worthy catchphrase) "TAKE THAT WIT CHEW!''

Amended now, of course, to "TAKE THAT CHAMPIONSHIP WIT CHEW!''

Great video from CBS11 (even if somebody misspelled the name of the man Rick Carlisle calls "the greatest player on the planet.'') And here's where to go to get the shirt that every Dirk-lovin', Championship-celebratin' MFFL wants:

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Once inside, Mavs owner Mark Cuban, Jason Terry, Tyson Chandler, Dirk and others took turns sharing stories, comments and tears of joy with each other and with their audience.

They did it on stage, of course. But they also did it during a (semi-) private elevator ride (thanksto hustling Mavs super-staffer Cash Sirois!)

(More inside stuff coming for Premium Mavs Fans!)

Once off the elevator, there was room for some individual chest-thumping:

"Brad Davis, Rolando Blackman -- move over, boys!" Jason Terry said, essentially commanding the franchise to some day retire his number and raise it to the rafters. "There's some new jerseys coming to town!"

There was room for some history lessons:

"In this city, you never play for second place," coach Rick Carlisle said. "You play to be the best. The city of Dallas holds their champions in very high esteem. These guys have earned every ounce of that respect. ... (Nowitzki) is the greatest player in the world.''

There was room for some sarcasm:

"I hear they do things big in Dallas," Tyson Chandler said, grinning as he prepared to crack a joke at the expense of the arrogant-but-humbled Miami Heat. "There can't just be one ... two, three, four, five ..."

Cuban led the audience in a rendition of "Happy Birthday'' for Dirk, who turns 33 on Sunday. And then the owner urged the crowd inside the AAC to call back to him the four words he used after Dallas won the Western Conference Finals and the faithful obliged:

"We ain't done yet!"

But mostly, the scene was touching. Men with their parents and spouses and children aboard floats, connecting physically and emotionally with hundreds of thousands of fans ... all of it captured beautifully, even with the malaprop, by a Dirk Nowitzki with tongue-wagging gameface replaced by unharnessed joy:

"It's been an amazing ride, an amazing journey," Nowitzki said. "There's been a lot of ups, a lot of downs. This is the top of the iceberg and it feels absolutely amazing. ... I love you!''

Meanwhile, back at the DB.com Laboratory ...

Our merry Band of Basketball B.S.ers talkin' World Champion Dallas Mavericks:

The Fish, Mike Fisher; The Machine, Mike Marshall'; Mike "Pie'' Piellucci. ... and Kevin Brolan. ... oh, and overseen by the grandmaster of DFW radio production, Ron Pell ...

There's some locker-room language in here, but tucked in there, also some Mavs expertise. Maybe.

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