Mavs Donuts: Happy Fathers Day, Happy Dirkday

Monday Morning Mavs Donuts: Happy Father's Day After, Happy Dirkday After, beauty pageant notes, what happens when Casey leaves, panic over Chandler leaving (?), Calathes in the locker room, NBA Draft tidbits, Mavs Podcast, YES. SHE. DID., forgiving D-Steve and some video! Donuts!

DONUT 1: To the victors go the spoils.

So the Dallas Mavericks get to date beauty queens (JJB) or at least judge beauty queens. (TY.)

Ohhhh the benefits of being a Champ!!,'' Chandler tweeted this weekend before helping Miss California elevate herself to the queen of all she surveys. Or something.

DONUT 2: DoJo got himself a tattoo.



Er, I mean, "Congratulations, DoJo! Lookin' good!''

DONUT 3: I would term the ESPNDallas headline and story (maybe just especially the headline) on Tyson Chandler "playfully incendiary.''

The fellas involved, Ben & Skin and Tim MacMahon, are all basketball-journalism sages. So I'm sure they all know that "Tyson Chandler Won't Commit To Stay'' is going to provoke some panicky "uh-oh's'' from MFFL's.

I'll have a Tyson Chandler free-agency update -- complete with some one-on-one stuff from TY himself -- later today.

DONUT 4: The Championship Mavs Podcast in which we pretty much defend every single thing the Mavs do and pretty much attack every single thing the Mavs critics do.

In other words, we behave like champions, except for the burning of taxi cabs and stuff. podcast champs by dbmavs

DONUT 5: Speaking of defending the Mavs ...

DeShawn Stevenson's teary-eyed on-camera apology and his paid $400 fine is good enough for me.

Getting arrested for public intoxication? Not much of a crime (I mean, join the club, D-Steve). Doing so to such a degree that the Irving police couldn't just drive you home? Yeah, that's probably not pretty.

I suppose the only thing that bothers me (and maybe the Mavs, a little bit) is that D-Steve's over-celebration and arrest happened literally hours after Rick Carlisle lectured his players along lines like this:

"You conducted yourselves as champions to get here. Now go forward and continue to conduct yourselves that way.''

I'm paraphrasing, but I'm told Rick's cautionary speech went something like that.

We know D-Steve to be something of a free-spirited eccentric, so I imagine keeping a lid on his behavior for the last nine months caused him to need a release. He's not the only Mavs player who caught a week-long buzz ... just the only one silly enough to be strolling aimlessly around an apartment complex in a way that would get him arrested.

Does this affect his Mavs future? Nah. He's already in a tenuous position related to his salary; he was being paid about four times what you'd ideally like to pay him going forward.

No car involved. No gun involved. Nothing crazier than a 6-5 black man with a crack tattooed on his forehead and a President tattooed on his neck. There's nothing to see here. Move along, good citizens.

DONUT 6: If Dwane Casey is lost to the Raptors, how does Dallas adjust? readers know that Tim Grugrich was an architect of the Dallas defense this year. Does he want a chair next to Carlisle? Doubtful.

Instead, our man Coop suggests, it might be Monte Mathis who gets the well-earned move to the front row, with Grugrich staying on as an out-of-the-spotlight special assistant ... just as he likes it.

DONUT 7: Our Mavs Draft coverage kicks in here: A Mavs Wish List: 12 Possible Picks at No. 26. Go get it!

DONUT 8: Happy Dirkday, Swish41. To quote's Kevin Brolan, to commemorate your 33rd, The 75-Member Staff at was going to pitch in and buy to a trophy. But then we realized you already have all the trophies there are to have.

What do you get The UberMan who has everything?

DONUT 9: Ah ... here's an idea: C'mon and get your Mavs swag at the Store!


It's a perfect gift for the Dad who doesn't mind that you forgot Father's Day!

DONUT 10: When you're downtown, Uptown, any side of town, go say hi to the boys and girls at ThreeSheets, will ya? They keep it cool with the best pizza and the best atmosphere in town! Thanks, ThreeSheets, for your support of the Mavs and! Give 'em a look: ThreeSheets on Facebook!

DONUT 11: How about a nice, (bamditzki!) made Championship video to send you into your week?

DONUT 12: Is Nick Calathes ready?


The story comes from Florida, so it may be a little too Nick-happy. No, not the part about the Mavs draftee being stashed in Europe hanging in the Dallas locker room after NBA Finals Games 5 and 6. The part of the story that suggests he might be Kidd's immediate heir.

I've no doubt the Mavs are ready to examine the idea of buying out Nick's deal so he can come here and be the third-string point guard, or maybe even get a shot at more if JJB departs. But he's not coming here this year to replace Jason Kidd.

DONUT 13: Yes, I had a wonderful Father's Day. My oldest son let me beat him at Words With Friends. My youngest son let me buy him a new suit for his high school graduation gift. And like every day they remind me that I have the most rewarding job on earth.

No, not running That's the second most rewarding job on earth.

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