Casey To Raptors; What Happens To Mavs Staff?

If, as expected, Dwane Casey gets the head-coaching job he deserves (I might snarkily add that the Mavs top aide actually deserves better than the Raptors), what happens on down Rick Carlisle's bench? We might just have the man ... and as you'll see in the video, the man has the 'handles' for the job.

With the impending move of Casey to Toronto (confirmed by Sefko), as we noted in Monday Morning Mavs Donuts, a solid option for the Mavs is to have assistant Monte Mathis do the slide-over on the Dallas Mavericks bench and become a top assistant under head coach Rick Carlisle and top aide Terry Stotts.

We've seen Mathis' work as a Summer League boss and we see him every day at practice. With Mathis, it's the little things that count -- and when he's teaching ball-handling skills to the likes of Corey Brewer as you see in this exclusive video, it helps that the former college point guard has handles himself:

Dwane Casey will be missed, of course. Casey's been passed over too many times in the last couple of years while on the Dallas bench, most NBA minds believing he'd been screwed over after being named head coach of the Timberwolves in 2005. He was let go in Minny on Jan. 25, 2007 while in playoff contention with a 20-20 record - and the T'Wolves have never been better than that since. It was a coup to have the 17-year NBA coach on the Dallas bench for this long.

All of that represents more depth of experience that Mathis offers; just a year ago Mathis, 44, was promoted from player development coach Monte Mathis to assistant coach. His pedigree, however, is outstanding.

Monte, the son of former NBA ref Mike Mathis, led his high school team to an Ohio state championship and was recruited to Kansas (where he played under Larry Brown) before transferring to Toledo and eventually playing three years of professional baseball.

He's worked with the Mavs in various capacities for the last six years.


Assuming the Mavs retain special assistant Tim Grugrich, Carlisle's staff -- including highly regarded Darrell Armstrong -- remains deep and talented, with the fast-rising Mathis taking on an increased role. Mathis obviously has the handles for the job.

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