Donuts: Skydiving, Dirk, George Lopez & I

As I'm trying to figure out What To Get The Mav Who Has Everything, birthday boy Dirk (with the guidance of Ben & Skin) sent me a lovely gift to commemorate my unique ugliness. Let's go to The UberMan's "Dinner For 41'' surprise party and unwrap my present! Meanwhile, I'm doing Brian Cuban's podcast at noon. Oh, and let's take some video of our skydiving-and-tattoo day, too! Donuts!

DONUT 1: Oh, the emails I get ...

Dear Fish,

This is a tribute video I made for the Mavs' title run. Been a 10+ year fan of, and (Fish) should really like this. Went skydiving, watched the Mavs win, got a tattoo...all in a 12-hour span.

Got it all on tape. Distribute accordingly. Go Mavs!- Jack.

Sunday. Jack was all play and no work. Thanks, Jack. Very cool.

DONUT 2: As first reported by Richie Whitt at the Observer, fortified by Steiny-Mo and now confirmed by Dirk himself on Ben & Skin's show on 103.3 ESPN Radio, Dallas Mavericks MVP Dirk Nowitzki received a Sunday night surprise when his sweetheart and his mentor Holger Geschwindner walked him into an unusual 33rd birthday party. What did he do at the Dallas wine club Graileys? What did he get?

"A bunch of red wine'' was consumed, Dirk testified.

DONUT 3: The private party featured exactly 41 guests. Mavs GM Donnie Nelson was there. Makes sense. Mike Modano was in the house as well, and that kind of makes sense.

DONUT 4: Other guests? The Dallas Symphony Orchestra String Quartet, which performed. And comedian Paul Varghese, who I bet was funny.

DONUT 5: The Gifts? Nowitzki was given a Larry O'Brien championship trophy cake. And an iPad and a Torneau watch.

DONUT 6: The DMN's Alan Peppard reports that Sunday was the culmination of a partying weekend that included a late night at RioRoom, where the whole club sang "Happy Birthday" to Dirk, who also got to hang with Erykah Badu and Questlove.


DONUT 7: I'd be shocked and disappointed that The UberMan wasn't given a collection of swag from the Store! … except that he already has two TAKE THAT WIT CHEW shirts, so maybe he's good for now.

Don't let that stop you, though. Order away … and while you are on your way to being a happy Mavs customer, check out what OKC-based subscriber "David B.'' says about his Mavs Premium Membership (which costs him just pennies a day!)

Fish, I live in Oklahoma City. I watch the Mavs on the League Pass. I am 35-year old lawyer and a Mavs fan since I was a kid watching on HSE. Grew up in Texas, went to Baylor and ended up in exile. My first Mavs game was the Mavs versus a big Mavs fan, Charles Barkley in 86.

I have had Hornets season tickets and Thunder season tickets for three years. Watched the Mavs in WCFs a few weeks ago in my seats wearing Mavs gear. I was one of the first subscribers to this site and consider it money well spent.

It has been a fun couple of months. Continue with the hard work and great coverage on Let's Go Mavs! David B

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DONUT 8: Now back to that party ...

There were more unusual guests at the Dirk shindig, too. In attendance: Nobel Prize winner Dr. Hans Deisendorfer. And Nobel Prizewinner Dr. Al Gilman. And LeFoulon Delalande Grand Prize winner Dr. Eric Olson. ...

DONUT 9: Oh, and sending the brain power through the roof, future Nobel Prize winner Brian Cardinal was also there.

DONUT 10: So now Dirk and his sweetie are off to the Cayman Islands this week. Then on to Europe, all at the same time as he makes a coming decision, as he told Ben & Skin, whether to play for the German National Team this summer.


DONUT 11: There's work to do in Dirk's wake, of course. Example? Noon today. Brian Cuban's Revolution Rant ... and I'm sitting in his sidecar. Brian Cuban podcast right here at noon!

DONUT 12: And then there is the issue of which Celebrity George I most resemble. Ben & Skin, apropos of nothing, asked Dirk, "Have you ever noticed how much George Lopez looks like Mike Fisher?''


It was a grand opportunity for Nowitzki to defend my honor, as I have defended his so gallantly for 13 years.

Dirk's answer?

"For sure,'' he said. "They're like twin brothers.''

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