Tuesday Donuts: The Science Of Nowitzki

Tuesday Morning Mavs Donuts: TY's robe, Dirk's text message, the science of The One-Legged Euro Lean-Back, Dallas' balanced view of advanced stats and what's Cuban doing over at the Four Seasons in Las Colinas? Oh, and who wants a $25 giftcard courtesy of DB.com? Donuts!

DONUT 1: ESPN's Sports Science analyzes the mathematical effectiveness of the One-Legged Euro Lean-Back:

One-and-a-half minutes. About as much time as I ever want to spend doing math ... but worth it!

DONUT 2: I loved one of Dirk's parting shots (on the same evening during which he took a shot at throwing a baseball at a Rangers game) regarding Rick Carlisle and the coach's never-ending "Be Ready'' perspective.

"Coach Carlisle is such a freak," Nowitzki said. "He texted us already: 'Get some rest. We got to repeat.' I was like, 'We just won. Can't we get like at least two or three weeks get over what we did?' So he's already fired up for next season. I think everybody else is still kind of in shock and it will take a few weeks to sink in and enjoy it."

There are now rules against contact between NBA players and their coaches. But Rick gave it one last lingering go … a text message that should remain stuck in 15 phones all summer long.

DONUT 3: Look! Tyson Chandler's got himself a championship robe, too!

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DONUT 5: It's being suggested that the acqusition of Rudy Fernandez was driven by Dallas' "inside knowledge'' of his advanced plus/minus work.


I think that's oversimplifying by a mile.

The fascination with (and romanticizing of) advanced stats is ONE OF MANY TOOLS that the Mavs and most everyone else now uses. In the case of the Mavs and Rudy, I am certain there are those in the organization that argued for him due to numbers. But at the same time, I don't think Donnie Nelson knew much about Rudy's advanced numbers at all ... He just thinks he can play a little bit, and has always thought that.

So THAT, married with offerings from Cuban's statguys, creates a match.

But ... I guarantee you that if a statguy comes running to Carlisle with a spreadsheet and Carlisle says, "I don't like that player'' ... that evaluation counts, too.

I can name a handful of NBA players this organization will never acquire (at their normal asking price, anyway) because a staffer has insight into him and has strongly said 'no.' ... and no statsheet is going to change that.

DONUT 6: For fun, I'll give you an example: Omri Casspi.

I know Steiny-Mo has a great affection for Omri Casspi, and so there are breathless reports regarding Omri Casspi going from the Kings to the Cavs and all the other teams (Spurs and Knicks) that wanted in. Or something.

And this is no offense to Steiny-Mo or to Omri Casspi, but ...

"He can't play,'' a Mavs talent evaluator told me during the season, when somebody started an Omri-to-Dallas rumor.

DONUT 7: So there you go. Feed this particular Mavs official all the advanced stats you wish. When it comes to certain players, their talent (and/or other factors) overrides the numbers.


One wing at Mavs HQ has stats that support Rudy as a difference-maker. Another wing believes the same thing based on more traditional measurements. Together, the Mavs worked themselves up a positive evaluation.

It's nerdy-sexy to report otherwise. And frankly, Mark Cuban likes it when his acquisitions are framed in a way that make it look like Dallas owns some sort of magic measuring stick that no one elese has.

It's nerdy-sexy. But it's not entirely accurate.

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DONUT 11: It's not just the players who are scrambling for jobs in this tulmultuous NBA time: Former Dallas Mavericks head coach Jim Cleamons (best known as a long-time Phil JackZen aide with the Los Angeles Lakers) is going to China. A report puts him in charge of the Zhejiang Guangsha of the Chinese Basketball Association league (CBA).

Probably not exactly what Cleamons envisioned this season: A sweeping ouster from the playoffs at the hands of his old team, a JackZen retirement that meant huge changes (Mike Brown in) and a slow boat to China.


DONUT 12: The Final Word: What did Mark Cuban do for July 4th? According to DB.com spies, Tony Cubes and family hung out at the Four Seasons Resort in Las Colinas. Last time I checked, his mom Shirley loved her golf. So maybe she got her workout outside while Cuban worked the treadmill inside -- and posed for a skillion photos with club members. ... oh, and treadmilled alongside baseball legend Jim Palmer.

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