Thursday Mavs Donuts: Namedrop Edition

Thursday Morning Mavs Donuts: The owners can easily settle one dispute. So why don't they? ... Dirk's boxing glove ... Michael Vick's key to the city ... Deron to Turkey? ... What does Hollinger know about JJ Barea that we don't know? ... Thursday Donuts!

DONUT 1: My buddy Steve says that Dallas probably ought to do a "keys-to-the-city'' presentation to the Dallas Mavericks but that considering the fact that Michael Vick is the last guy to get a key to the city, somebody might wanna change the locks first.


DONUT 2: The story of Dirk and Ali's boxing glove ... and how Dirk is more likely to wrap that boxing glove around his wrist than he is to wrap an expensive watch around it. Good stuff and good conversation here at Boards.

P.S.: And yes, above, that's a watercolor I did, signed by Ali. And no, you can't buy it from me.

DONUT 3: My Top 10 Rankings of the Next Mavs To Get Their Numbers Retired includes a lot of Mavs who don't actually have numbers. Please peruse and report back.

DONUT 4: Regarding Rudy:

I think we should all come to a non-panicky agreement here: He'll re-address possibility of leaving Dallas after this season, when he's free anyway. But my contention is this: That "biggest offer in Spanish history'' was only in the $4-mil-a-year range. That is less than MLE-sized money. It will be easily matched/exceeded next year by Dallas IF he earns it.

And if he earns it, it'll mean he played his butt off in 2011-12. ... that he'll have experienced a great season with a great team and given himself a chance to double his contract by staying. Or, even if he leaves for Spain, he'll have given Dallas one great season at a bargain price.


So it's all good.


DONUT 5: Would it surprise you to learn that when it comes to the CBA negotiations, "player-friendly'' owner Mark Cuban is actually a bit of a hard-liner for the owners position?

Read more about the "villainy'' here here in our Mavs Premium section!

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DONUT 8: I'm not dumb enough to predict a timely end to the labor dispute. But at the same time, I cannot believe the NBA powers-that-be are not dumb enough to learn the lessons of the men who've marched into this minefield before.


In terms of popularity and connection with fans, baseball's never fully recovered from 1994. Hockey's not close to what it was and probably will never be. The NFL is so ingrained in our culture that it's absence will be almost as if we shut down movies or TV or music ... but when it's back, it'll be embraced.

Which category does the NBA think it fits into with most American sports fans? Forgettable hockey? Or fully-re-embraceable football?

DONUT 9: I wish somebody would explain to me why John Trollinger continues to refer to J.J. Barea as "Jub Jub.'' Is it a Spanish obscurity? An inside job I'm not privy to? Some high-falutin' scientific thingee?

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DONUT 11: Deron Williams to Turkey?

DONUT 12: How long before we see Casey Anthony teeing it up with new partner O.J. Simpson?


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