Monday Donuts: D-Howard Praises The Mavs

D-Howard Digs Dallas - at least from a Distance ... 'Abby Is The Bomb' is almost funny ... Who wants free Summer Swag? ... Another day, another fake NBA-star-considering-Europe story ... The NBA schedule is coming -- and it features the Mavs! - even if the NBA schedule never does get played ... It's Monday Morning Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: Word is, the NBA plans to release the schedule for the 2011-2012 season on Tuesday. You know, business as usual.

Smart move, if you ask me. Gives us something else to talk about besides pretending Steve Nash is going to go play in Turkey, you know?

When it comes out, it's written in pencil, of course; the lockout threatens to cut in in half, scrap it altogether, or cause a re-writing of the whole thing.

My most pressing issue: Here at, it's a tradition to get a game-by-game evaluation from experts like Mark Followill and Chuck Cooperstein as well as from Ryan at MavCowTickets. Should I ask them to bother?


DONUT 2: Now, if there is a season and if it goes off on time, the Miami paper says we get a Christmas treat: Mavs-Heat, the rematch, early afternoon, for all to see. And Steiny-Mo has opening night as Mavs-Bulls.

Exciting! If it happens.

DONUT 3: Who wants some Summer Swag?

In the last two weeks I've reached into the Prize Closet and handed out a $25 Golfsmith giftcard and a signed Dirk Nowitzki trading card. (Congrats, Hai! Congrats, Joel!)

This week's prize: 'The UberMan' t-shirt from the Store! All you've got to do to be entered is be a Premium Subscriber and send me an email (with your shirt size) at Misty Mav will draw a winner's name on Friday. ... Good luck!

DONUT 4: Bengals running back Cedric Benson was jailed over the weekend on a family-assault charge, and at the risk of oversimplifying ... this probably all started back in college at UT when he entered a home without permission, walked off with some electronics ... and there was more to the story and it never quite got out ... and nobody really did anything about it.

DONUT 5: In happier NFL news ...

I've got an NFL player with union insight saying that starting Monday, he's prepping as if it'll be business as usual. Meaning he's about to handle his workouts, travel, money, etc., in anticipation of a coming training camp.

That's not as cleverly put as what Jerry Jones says, though. From Mort: "We're down to circumsizing mosquitoes."


DONUT 6: I recently addressed The Top 10 Mavs Who Should Have Banners in the Rafters. Go get it ...

DONUT 7: And then brace yourself for a fun argument, to ensue later today as we make the case for the Mavs' retiring Michael Finley's No. 4. Good stuff, coming up!

DONUT 8: Another day, another NBA player "not ruling out Europe.''

That's the headline on the ESPN story on Dwyane Wade: Dwyane Wade not ruling out Europe.

I have no idea how the headline writer resisted the temptation to add a couple of exclamation marks.

What say we get to the meat of Brian Windhorst's actual story, and what it has to do with Europe?

It takes Brian until paragraph 15 to quote Wade on the "possibility'' of him going to Europe. In the previous 14 paragraphs, Wade and Windhorst discuss Dwyane's girlfriend, "planking,'' his kids camp and his relationship with LeBron before getting around to the "headline'' news.

Brian Windhorst is a good basketball reporter. You think if Dwyane Wade actually had his toiletries packed that Brian wouldn't have somehow worked that in higher than paragraph 15?

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DONUT 10: This "controversy'' about Rick Carlisle going on a Portland radio show and mentioning names of Mavs players? And whether it is an offense that will earn him a $1 million fine?

In the very next breath from host John Canzano wondering whether Rick just stepped in it, he says Rick texted him to inform the host that he'd been cautioned but is not in trouble.

So if we all know the end to the "controversy'' -- that Rick is NOT in trouble -- why do we keep re-telling the story as if he might be?

DONUT 11: Dwight Howard tells BasketSession that he "didn't watch none of the Finals. I didn't watch any game. I was upset about the whole thing and I just couldn't watch. I got away from the game and just relaxed. I went to a secluded island and just laid on the beach and did pushups twice a day (laughter).

But that doesn't mean he lacks an awareness of what went down.

"I'm happy for Dirk Nowitzki and I'm happy for Jason Kidd,'' Howard said. "He's been playing for 68 years and he finally has a title. I'm also happy for Mark Cuban and the whole Dallas organization."


DONUT 12: Hey, Dwight, thanks for the kind words about Dallas. If you ever want to experience that same happiness as the whole Dallas organization ... you know the number.

DONUT 13: That "Abby is the BOMB" sign at the USA-Japan soccer game ... too early?

Yeah. In more ways than one.

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