Thursday Donuts: Pimp Dads & Handicap Spots

Jet on a reality show, Bynum in my father-in-law's parking spot, Lieberman in the front office and a juicy UberMan UberFact ... It's Thursday Morning Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: From every indication I've always gotten from Jason Terry, he's always aspired to be on TV following retirement.

But now that is profile is at a peak as a member of the world champion
Dallas Mavericks... why not be on TV now?

Jet is reportedly pitching a reality TV show based around his family life, tentatively called "Homecourt Advantage."

That's not a very good start, but let's hear the pitch:

"Set in the glitzy world of NBA basketball star Jason Terry, this is a comical, never before-seen look at his off-court life with high school sweetheart wife, four young daughters, crazy mom and pimp dad."

Pimp dad?!


DONUT 2: Nancy Lieberman is leaving the Legends' sideline to move from coach to assistant GM. The driving force? Her desire to be available as possible to son T.J., who is about to enter his senior year of high school.

A selfish sidebar: I hope it means she gets to do more TV. Working alongside her -- and with Ro Blackman, and Dana and Ric and Emily and the FoxSports Southwest gang -- I've been involved in a living, breathing basketball laboratory ... and I want more!

DONUT 3: Friday is Drawing Day! Who wants some Summer Swag?

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DONUT 4: Want to stay in touch with the Mavericks at all times?

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DONUT 5: Sturm points out the following UberMan UberFact:

Dirk had nine dunks in the entire regular season (75 games). And then had nine more dunks in the playoffs (21 games).


Sweet. What does it mean?

Cranked-up intensity for the postseason, I suppose ... maybe even a subtle suggestion that to some degree, simply getting through the 82 games is part of the challenge.

DONUT 6: Andrew Bynum needs a parking spot. So, as shown in photos obtained by an LA TV station, he double-parks his black BMW in not one but two handicap spots. The LA Times says it has a photo that proves Bynum is a chronic offender here.

We already knew Bynum lacked the character to keep him cheap-shotting other NBA players. But elbowing handicapped people out of their rightful access?

DONUT 7: One take on this from Hardwood Paroxysm cautions, "Andrew Bynum is not your role model,'' and it pushes in the direction of alibing for the selfish schlub.

"Players shouldn't be held up to heroic standards, as they'll continuously fail,'' it ends. And I think somebody is missing the point: I'm not holding Andrew Bynum to "heroic standards.'' I'm holding him just above the same snake-belly-low level as the rest of us: Get your fat ass out of my war-veteran father-in-law's parking spot!


DONUT 8: I really do understand why the death of two-a-days in the NFL (part of the agreement in the coming settlement) causes some old-timers to recall the days when we were high school football players and we only got water as a reward. (Seriously. And for really good practices, we were allowed Popsicles.)

But this is not the "death of toughness.'' It's the natural evolution of a salary-cap age. There was a time in the NFL when the Cowboys brought 100-plus bodies to camp; letting those guys attempt to survive weeks of Texas heat attrition was affordable.

Nowadays? You can't afford for a DeMarcus Ware or a Jason Witten to get hurt. So you seek intensity ... in shorts and shells.

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DONUT 12: Im thinking about Europe. I'm not going there or anything. Just think about Europe, in general.

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