Mavs Donuts: Can Dirk Play Quidditch?

Fact: The Mavs are likeable; the Spurs are not. Are you ready for 'The Peake' in OKC? I wonder if Dirk is ready to engage in a friendly game of Quidditch. Jet is optimistic about an NBA season - but without much basis, I think. Who wants a Texas Mavs license plate? It's Donuts!

DONUT 1: Dirk is going to play this summer with the German National team. And why not? What else does he have to do to occupy his lockout time?


DONUT 2: Well, he could play Quidditch.

DONUT 3: The T'Wolves visiting with Rick Adelman? If David Kahn is serious about this hire (and doesn't come across too goofily as he conducts the interview), Adelman is by far the best candidate in the bunch, if we're talking about a coach who will truly make the commitment to fixing that mess of a franchise.

DONUT 4: Hey, are you gearing up to get involved in the North Texas $100,000 Smile Giveaway? You might want to get on that by going to my family dentist ...! Please check out Dr. B and his staff. They've been friends and supporters all the way back to the Fish For Lunch days. And they truly are the best in the field of family dentistry.

DONUT 5: Jason Terry threw out the first pitch at Friday's Rangers game and also visited with the media to touch on a number of topics. Two highlights:

First, he's saying "There is no truth to the rumor" that he's involved in pitching a reality TV show about his home life.

Second, he's saying "I don't see us not having a season next year.''

Jet's a character. As the head of his own household, he should know if a reality show is being pitched. But ... the "rumor'' didn't come from nowhere. And as a Mavs player rep, he should have some insight into the labor dispute. But at this moment, any pessimism about his view isn't coming from nowhere, either.

DONUT 6: The agents want the NBA players to decertify. A powerful piece from Woj.

DONUT 7: Have you checked out the Mavs Store? Which will it be? 'YES. WE. DID'? 'Take That Championship Wit Chew'? Or 'The UberMan'? And yes, smart guy, we can still make you a FREE RODDY B. We made two of them for Beaubois himself!

DONUT 8: Who wants an official state-issued Mavs license plate?

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DONUT 10: OKC's building has a new name: No longer "Ford Center'' or the 'nameless building the Thunder play in,'' it's now the "Chesapeake Energy Arena.'' It'll need a nickname. ("The Peake''?) and it'll take some getting used to, as the "Chesapeake Energy Arena'' doesn't easily roll off the tongue.

But ...

This is revenue created for naming rights that now represents a must for franchises. Word is it's for $3 million a year for 12 years and you don't pass up that kind of dough ... unless ...

DONUT 11: ... Unless you are the rather stubborn (arrogant?) member of the Cowboys orgnization who keeps turning down naming-right offers on Cowboys Stadium, thus preventing what I am told is a so-far loss at a chance at about $10 mil.

Guys ... that was AT&T money you will never get again.


DONUT 12: CBSSports ranks this year's NBA All-Stars according to "likeability.'' It's all ridiculously subjective except for the part about Dirk ranking so high and any and every Spur ranking so low.

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