Tuesday Donuts: Mavs Hear 'Voice of Holger'

Tuesday Morning Mavs Donuts ranges from 'The Voice of Holger' to 'The Voice of Amy Winehouse.' Oh, and my top 10 NFL free agents, your chance to win DB.com Summer Swag and a Caron knee update, too!

DONUT 1: I find it meaningful that the Voice of Holger is echoing through the mind of more than one member of the Dallas Mavericks.

A series of tweets from Jason Terry:

*Workout done holger voice

*Workout "done" holger voice time

*And then a reply to Dirk: "yea it was better dirt bag and I looked better when we gettn 2gether don't make me call holger.

DONUT 2: Make sure you catch up with "How We Found The 4-Step Cure for 'MavVirus' (From A Real Live Med Student).'' Good stuff .. from a real live med student and new DB.com staff Chuck Perry!

DONUT 3: Thanks, everybody on Twitter and Facebook and elsewhere, for sharing your valued thoughts on the death of Amy Winehouse. My thoughts? I have none, really. I didn't know her, didn't listen to her music outside of a couple of hit songs, and frankly know nothing more of her except to have observed, from news and gossip reports over the years, that she was on a self-destructive course.

Sad, I suppose. Certainly to the people who knew her or were especially moved by her art. But -- to be brutally honest -- not nearly as sad as the tragic ends met by so many people who didn't have the means to seek help, or who are simply innocent victims of circumstances.

Steve Nash says, "Life seemed hard for her.'' A sweet and thoughtful sentiment.


But does being a singer with a couple of hit songs make one MORE worthy of prayer or good wishes for her soul, if that's how you believe? Can I just issue one blanket prayer or one blanket well-wish and have her included with the tragically dead who had no hand in choosing their morbid path?

DONUT 4: Brandon Roy tells the Oregonian, "I can still create off the dribble. I still think you are crazy to put a guy who can't guard on me. You'll get exposed all night. So I don't want to get away from that.''

There's more. ...

"But I have to get in a position again where the team believes enough in me to make me a threat," Roy said. "I don't have to be The Guy, but just a focal point again, to where -- not to knock a player -- but if Jason Terry is guarding me, then my team can believe I can expose that matchup. That's part of getting my confidence back to where I can give confidence back to Coach and the organization."

The remarks deserve review in two areas.

DONUT 5: The first is Roy's reference to Jet as a "player who can't guard him.''

I understand his point, though it would've been made more effectively had he cited Peja or somebody. I can see how he might view THAT as disrespectful.

DONUT 6: But when we go back and look at film of that series, don't we see that in the only game Roy really looked like a creator able to "expose'' a defender was Game 4, in the fourth quarter? And that ace Jason Kidd was on him most of the time (meaning maybe nobody was gonna stop Roy at that moment)?

And that in total, in six games that mattered, with ample rest for his knees in between ... Brandon Roy only exposed the opponent one time out of six? Shouldn't "The Guy'' be "The Guy'' more than one out of every six games?

DONUT 7: Thanks to the fellas at AvidGolfer magazine, who did a review of the best Dallas Mavericks t-shirts in the world and placed two items from the Mavs DB.com Store in their top five!


DONUT 8: 10 NFL free agency is coming. Not counting Dallas tackle Doug Free (Jerry won't let him leave, right?), here's my top 10 list of the FA's who may be going, counting down starting with …

*Ahmad Bradshaw RB Giants

*Davin Josepth G Bucs

*Brandon Mebane DT Seahawks

*Santonio Holmes WR Jets

*Ray Edwards DE Vikings

*Stephen Tulloch LB Titans

*DeAngelo Williams RB Panthers

*Sidney Rice WR Vikings

*Johnathan Joseph CB Bengals

*Nnamdi Asomugha CB Raiders

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DONUT 10: Caron Butler reports that he traveled to Dallas on Monday to get his knee checked out "to get cleared by my doc.''

"Now its time to celebrate and workout,'' Tuff Juice adds via Twitter. "God is good.''

DONUT 11: Who wants DB.com Summer Swag? Last week's prize was won by Travis B, a Premium subscriber who writes:

"Fish, first of all, you just made my day. This is beyond awesome. I never thought I would actually win something. Thanks Fish, you and your team are my go to spot for anything and everything Mavs. This is even better than catching a shirt at the game. I can't wait to sport the UberMan at UT when I go back to school in the fall.''

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