Sunday Donuts: What's The Caron Debate?

The Tuff Juice Debate isn't as complicated as some think ... How the numbers lie on 'The Next Dirk' ... Some football and some prostitution ... Do the players have the NBA owners shaking in their wingtips yet? ... A-geein'-and-a-hawin' with Jerry ... Steve Jobs for Prez! ... It's Sunday Morning Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: There seems to be some debate over Caron Butler and the desire from his side, and/or the Dallas Mavericks' side, to do a long-term deal.

Two mainstream outlets in DFW write accurately that the Mavs would like to lock him up. Meanwhile, wonders why ...

Let me go straight to our Premium piece on Mavs priorities from June 21:

"Caron is part of the fabric,'' they all say. ... Having missed the final 53 games of the regular season and the entire playoffs, there stands a chance that Butler can be signed for something less than his worth, though the shadow of his injury will linger until proven otherwise. Without knowing the boundaries of any new collective bargaining agreement, this may make Butler a more likely signing than either of the above players. ... Caron made $10.8 mil last year and the Mavs were comfortable with him at that number. They also passed on the chance to trade away his expiring contract. Our impression is that there is an "understanding'' here, that both sides would like to "reward'' each other for their faith and loyalty … and that while JJB's contract may double, Caron could end up returning as a financial bargain. ... Butler will likely tell management he wants the commitment of multiple years. Carlisle will tell management something, too: He wants Tuff Juice back.

Did we kinda cover the whole thing five weeks ago? Yup, the Mavs want to do it long-term, likely backloaded. And Caron wants it long-term, too; if you're in his spot, don't you want security?

In short, specific numbers notwithstanding, this really isn't the debate some are making it out to be.

DONUT 2: So the Cowboys dump Roy Williams and, as I said this week on FOX4 News, it wouldn't take but a second for him to catch on elsewhere, his pedigree and character topping his resume.

So he goes to Chicago. And as a Vikings fan, why am I not scared?

In 40 games with the Cowboys, Williams made 94 catches for 1,324 yards and 13 touchdowns -- or the almost-three-year equivalent of one darn good year.

DONUT 3: The FIBA paperwork now says that yes, NBA players can go overseas ... but they will do so at their own injury risk and they are obligated to return to their rightful NBA employers once the lockout ends.

Oooooohhhh. The owners must be shaking in their wingtips!

DONUT 4: Congrats to my radio buddy Dr. T.O. Souryal, the Dallas Mavericks head team physician, who was recently listed in the initial U.S. News and World Report list of Top Doctors in America.

"Dr. Souryal has been a valuable contributor to the Mavericks success," Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said. "We wouldn't be NBA Champions without him. On behalf of the organization, I want to congratulate Doc Souryal."

DONUT 5: reader, contributor and Premium subscriber Chuck Cooperstein read my Friday Donut about Madison Square Garden's "Delta SKY360 Club,'' where your seat will allow you to see the players (basketball, hockey, whatever) go to and from the locker rooms. They'll walk right by you!

Coop notes that my suggestion that Cowboys Stadium is the only innovator ignores the fact that "the Air Canada Centre in Toronto has that feature for the Maple Leafs.'' Coop adds, "The Raptors don't come through the same tunnel, but the Leafs come out of their room and walk right by the high rollers.''

And yes, smart-alecks. Hockey counts.

DONUT 6: Apple has more money ($76 billion) in its coffers than the U.S. Treasury does? Steve Jobs for President!

DONUT 7: A great example, I think, of how stats are so easily misapplied. Andrea Bargnani is "one of the worst players ever.'' In terms of wins produced, which is the focus of the website linked to, I guess it's true.

Now go ask an NBA talent evaluator what they think of the Raptors center. He'll tell you Bargnani is the best-shooting center in the NBA, that his 21 ppg is just the start, and that most any team would love to have him. In short, that Toronto's lack of wins isn't his fault, but rather that his lack of acclaim is Toronto's fault.

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DONUT 10: My man Kurt Helin handles the Toni Kukoc prostitution "scandal'' just right. Let's all shrug.

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DONUT 12: NBA players and owners have agreed to meet Monday in New York, according to reports. This will mark the first official negotiating session since the owners instituted the lockout on July 1.

Is it a positive sign?

Well, it beats nothin'. But here's the overriding fact (and as I often do, I rely on the logic of Jerry Jones to guide me): The NBA preseason doesn't begin for 10 more weeks. When did the NFL settle? Just before the start of preseason games, that's when.

What Jerry used to tell me back when we were a-geein' and a-hawin': "You don't get anything done until there's a deadline. That's why they call it a 'deadline.'''

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